Crazy Vegas Slots

When you think of gambling and slots, you might think of Vegas. Whether you live in America or not, the countless number of Vegas-themed gambling slots is certain. Remember, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. If you go on trips regularly to Vegas, as some of my friends do, you might just love showgirls, gambling, slots, the desert, magicians, or something else attributed to the classic getaway city of sin. This game is brought to us by Real Time Gaming software, and they never fail to deliver when this company has the platform. This is a 20 pay line progressive slot, featuring a scatter and wild, which will trigger a free spins round of course! This game features the manual spinning, auto spinning, plus other excellent features. The graphics are old-school and adorable, featuring icons like showgirls and more.

Free Spins Activation

To trigger yourself some free spins, you have to first trigger 3 free spin chips, on the reels 2, 3, and 4. The number of Free Spins and the multiplier value will depend on the number of free spins these chips will reveal. It's the sum of the first two chips, and the third chip will reveal a multiplier of the sum of the first free chips, that determines how much you'll win. Unfortunately, you can't re-trigger this feature, but it does make up for that in many other ways.

Bonus Features!

You'll hope to trigger the Big Bonus Feature when you play this game. If you're lucky enough to activate the big bonus on reels 1 and 5, a new screen will open with a wheel of fortune (not "the wheel of fortune" but a wheel of fortune) the inner wheel will spin counter-clockwise, and the outer wheel will spin clockwise. You press the Big Bonus button to stop the reels, which will determine how much you've won. Just multiply the number on the outer wheel times the number on the inner wheel, and that will result in how much you've won this bonus round.

The Progressive Jackpot

In this game, the Progressive Jackpot is activated randomly at the end of every spin. You don't need to trigger a five of kind, or anything more traditional. I prefer these randomly awarded jackpots, so I can just focus on trying to activate the bonus rounds on the reels.