High Rollers Slots

High Rollers Slots

There's excellent news as the year rolls ever forward, and this is that top software aficionado, Real Time Gaming, continues to release classic slots for the pleasure of new and old gamers alike. High Rollers Slots is just such a classic, and it sports 3 reels as well as 5 paylines; which makes it a bit of an unconventional classic. This advancement appears to be a trend with the recent pokeys that are coming hot off the presses.

The ability to take wagers between one coin and five coins per line really increases the amount you stand to win, without unduly increasing the amount you stand to lose - as long as you wager correctly. You have a static coin size of 25 cents to bet over the 5 paylines, which results in a total $5 maximum wager. High Rollers Slots should arouse a sense of nostalgia in most gamers who lived through the 1970s, what with its rendition of girls on roller skates and the disco inferno vibes. The peace sign symbols are also a throwback to a time of love and serenity, and the colorful shirts, lava lamps and fun buses help to solidify this as a period piece.

High Rollers Slots Wagering in Real Money Play

The option to engage in fun money play is front and center in High Rollers Slots; simply navigate to the gaming hall using your mobile device or desktop computer. Make sure you've got either Safari, Chrome or Firefox as the browser of choice; then, you need only play the Flash version.

If you want to take a chance with real money gaming then, you have to deposit some cash after you download; to bolster your starting bag, the casino will often give you a welcome bonus. The wagering requirements are as follows once you get past the base (introductory) game: there are three entries, starting with 5, then 25 and then 100 credits. All you have to do is pick a chip size at the start of the game, then a coin size, and then select the number of variable paylines you wish to play from the max of 5. The "Bet One" button is depressed once you're ready to roll and see how your luck plays out. If you want to keep all paylines fixed/active, then you needn't go through this rigmarole - there's a pre-existing button named, conveniently, "Play 5 Credits Now" right there on your screen.

The chance to hit between 0.05 credits and 25 credits gives you a wide range of options, which means there's really no reason to play for fun money unless you're not a gambler, or unless you're just interested in trying High Rollers Slots out for a time before delving in fully.

High Rollers Slots Symbols and Pay Table

Although there's just a single bonus symbol in this game (there are a total of five symbols overall), it just so happens to function as the substituting wild - which means that your real money designs are enhanced if you get lucky. The wild has the potential to bring big bucks to the gambler; for any of the other symbols, you need three of a kind for them to pay out the listed amount on the pay table.

The top symbol is apparently the fun bus; if you play just 4 lines and get three fun bus icons lining up in a row, then you win a 48 credit payout. If you get the required three of a kind of the bus icon while playing all 5 lines, then your recompense is an impressive 100 credits. The next comparable symbol is the colorful tie-dye shirt that was incredibly popular back in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s; playing 4 lines and landing three tie dye shirts at the same time results in a 24 coin payout. Playing 5 lines at once and landing three tie-dye t shirts gets you 24 credits again, so there's not much to gain or lose between 4 lines and 5 lines.

The last two icons in High Rollers Slots begins with the butterfly, which is an eternal symbol of rejuvenation in many mythologies. Whether you play 4 lines or the maximum 5 lines at once, this gets you a 6 credit payout when three butterflies line up simultaneously. The final non-bonus symbol is the lava lamp; three of them are worth 3 coins whether you play 4 lines or 5 lines. The peace sign, as noted earlier in this article, is the wild and can match other symbols to replace them for a bigger payout. It's quite a lot of help when it shows up to complete winning combos.

To learn more about this unique Classic-styled pokey, head to your favorite online casino and give this RTG creation a spin for free (Flash mode) or for real money.