Light Speed Slots

The first interesting fact about light is that there isn't a single thing faster in all the known universe. Although mind-bending, this is not particularly important in this fast-paced Classic Slot straight off the RTG presses. As a progressive, it's got a jackpot that continuously grows in value until one lucky real money gamer wins it all, before it resets back to the base number. The more people play, the higher the value grows. It has three reels and one payline, which is standard for pokeys of this variety. The wide range of accepted coins means that people of all economic levels can bet a little to potentially win a lot.

How Is Light Speed Slots Set Up?

If you play casino games from gaming giant, Real Time Gaming, frequently then you've probably seen games that are similar in makeup to Light Speed Slots. For example, the so-called capital Green Men pokey is another one that stems from the annals of science fiction. Many of the symbols on the reels of Light Speed Slots will pique your interest in a fashion similar to the previous. You will find phaser guns, alien entities, extraterrestrial flying ships (mainly saucers) and many more. There is, however, a unique attributes to the slot in question: something called a Light Speed Meter. The inner workings are a bit on the mysterious side, but the game rules are always available on the in game pay table when she download and play. The meter involves how multipliers are divvied up in the game and awarded to the lucky player; ultimately, it leads to increased payouts for successive spins in the game, up to a 7x multiplier.

How to Win at Light Speed Slots

If you want to get the most out of this slot that you can, it is imperative that you wagered the maximum three coins per game. This is the first step on your way to qualifying for the progressive jackpot; additionally, you will also need to get the 7X multiplier, and three of a kind of the laser gun icons on the reels at the same time. We will go through the exact payouts that are commensurate with every symbol combination in the game shortly in this review. Although the laser guns payout the most, there are other special symbols that are capable of giving you a handsome sum of cash for the holiday season. These include the robotic symbol, which serves as the substitute symbol and can replace any other symbol except for the eponymous Light Speed icon. This one is responsible for triggering the bonus games that are available in the slot. Without further ado, let us check out the symbol combination payouts that this RTG creation has to offer.

Symbol Combination Payments in Light Speed Slots

The highest paying symbol in Light Speed Slots is represented with the laser gun. If you play the maximum three coins at once on the pay line, and get a set of three laser guns as the symbols on the reels, then you win the top 400 coin payout. If you play only two coins on the single pay line but nonetheless still get three of a kind of the laser gun icons, then you win a 200 coin payout; for a single coin played on the pay line and three laser gun icons you win 100 coins. Next highest paying symbol is a circular silver shield which looks like an alien saucer. If you play three coins and get three of a kind of the circular silver shield alien you get 150 coins; for two coins played at the start of the game and three of the symbols you win 100 coins, and for one coin played and three silver alien symbols you get 50 coins.

The remaining symbols payouts what can be considered a moderate amount of money. We start off with the silver star icon; if you played three coins at the wagering lines, these will return a 30 coin payout. If you played two coins at the wagering lines and get three of the silver starfish symbols you win 20 coins, and if you play just one coin and get three silver star symbols lined up you win 10 coins. The next set of symbols are represented by green ships; if you wager three coins and get three of these lined up you win 15 coins, if you wagered two coins and get three of the green ship icons lined up you win 10 coins, and if you bet one coin and get three green ships you win five coins. The final set of symbols are three green aliens - also known as little green men. If you play three coins at the start of Light Speed Slots and get three of a kind of the green aliens you win six coins. If you play just two coins and get three green aliens symbols you win four coins, and if you play one coin and get three green alien icons you win two coins. From experience, this game's a lot of fun and you should download today and try your hand at it.