Locking Archer Slots

Get prepared to go on an adventure because the Locking Archer Slots has got it all. From stunning graphics to features that are going to help you win big, you’re going to find it all in here. There are so many options and ways to win bigger and better than ever before, so read through the article and see whether it works for you. It has worked for so many people from all around the world, so I would be pretty surprised if you weren’t into it. Keep on reading now and discover everything that it has got to offer.

The look and feel of the Locking Archer Slots

The Locking Archer Slots has been designed with a medieval theme in mind. In the background of the reels you’re going to see a stunning landscape, full of mountains, clear blue skies and sedimentary rocks. The reels are conveniently placed and easy to follow, so if you’re trying to strike down those winning combinations, then be sure to give it a whirl.

This brilliant little slot has been developed by none other than Real Time Gaming, who are really popular software providers. It doesn’t surprise us that this slot is receiving this much attention, because RTG have made it just that good. Isn’t it awesome? This slot features a 5x3 grid as well as 25 paylines, so be aware of it whilst you can. Can you believe that the Locking Archer Slots offers a maximum exposide of up to 50,000x the stake. When it comes to the credits, these begin from as little as 0.25 and have the ability to reach all of the way up to 6.25 as well. Try it out and see for yourself, all of the figures that I’m telling you about are true. You better believe me!

Features and a lot more

When it comes to the features, be sure to check out the locking scatter with respins because these work from left to right, giving you the best advantage. Then there are also the free spins with multipliers, and these give you all of the way up to 10 free spins. Jump on it now whilst you still can, you’re bound to love it.


There are many reasons to give the Locking Archer Slots a go today, so why not become one of them and try it out for yourself? You’re not going to regret a single opportunity that’s given here, so chance it today and see what you can do.