Lucky 6 Slots

It's considered to be common knowledge that the number 7 is lucky. You'll see this number a lot in slot machines and in gambling of all kinds. But in Lucky 6 Slots, it's the number 6 that is lucky. You will see lots of lucky symbols on the game board when you start to play. Will you find out that 6 is actually your lucky number?

Getting Lucky

This game honors lucky symbols of all kinds and especially, the symbols of Ireland that are known to be lucky. You will find yourself standing in a green, vibrant country meadow when you're playing this game. There are trees in the background and a pretty white picket fence next to you. You're in a garden where carrots and flowers are growing.

Finding the Lucky Symbols on the Reels

The game board is full of colorful and highly detailed symbols. You will recognize lots of different lucky symbols as you make the reels spin around. That includes four-leaf clovers, golden horseshoes and wishing wells. You'll find little bunny rabbits, mushrooms, diamond rings and even leprechauns. You know what you will see when you find leprechauns: pots of gold. When you see the rainbow, you've got a wild symbol. 

How to Play

The six reels have three rows each. Along with the wild symbols and the other little bonuses you will find as you play the game, you have a lot of opportunities to win big. Make the most out of them with a smart betting strategy. You can place a minimum bet of just $0.10 to stretch your money and minimize your risk. Or, take your bet up to .50. This is a low-stakes game so you'll never bet a lot. But if the symbols line up for you the right way, you can potentially win a lot.

Choosing How You Play

There are up to 10 pay lines on the board. You can choose to play just one of them or all of them, along with any number of them in between. You'll choose your bet, you'll choose how many lines to bet on. You can't choose where the symbols fall on the reels! But hopefully, the lucky number 6 will be super lucky for you.

Getting Colorful with Lucky 6 Slots

The colorful, lively action you will find with Lucky 6 Slots will keep you entertained and engaged when you play this game.