Lucky Lightning Slots

Lucky Lightning is a shock of fresh air, even though it is a traditional Classic. Made by the game-wizards at Real Time Gaming, this 3 reel, single payline slot keeps things crisp and uncluttered on the game board, while also plying the real money player with the possibility of winning an impressive 2500 credit jackpot; you can take one credit to equal a single coin. Veterans will recognize Lucky Lightning Slot as a Vegas-themed pokey that is very attractive due to the simplicity of play involved. Free play is not available for most 3 reel slots, so you will need to download the casino software in order to play this one.

Playing Lucky Lightning Slots the Right Way

First of all, if you want a chance at winning big here, make sure to download the casino software and make a deposit. With the 2500 credit jackpot, this equals up to $12,500 for gamers who put down a 3 coin wagering max. This will run you $15, and the reels requirement is to manifest a triplet of the lucky number 7 all at the same time. If you choose to wager either 2 coins or a single coin, then your prize is according to the pay table below. For example, wagering a couple of coins in Lucky Lightning Slots leads to a payout of $8000 if you get three lucky number 7s. If you decide to wager just a single coin and still land three 7 symbols, then you win a solid $4000.

Pay Table in Lucky Lightning Slots

What follows is the full, in-depth breakdown of the symbol combinations and payouts that are attached to each icon. First of all, you have the top symbol with a red 7. If you play 3 credits and land all red 7 numerals on the reels at the same time, then you win the 2500 coin jackpot. If you decide instead to play 2 credits and land 3 red 7 numerals, then you win 1600 coins; if you play one coin and nonetheless land three red numeral 7s, then your prize is 800 credits.

The next symbol in line is the double yellow bar; for a maximum of three coins played at the start of the real cash game, you win 600 coins for three double yellow bar symbols. For two coins played and triple double yellow bar icons, your prize is 400 coins, and for a single coin along with a symbol line-up of double yellow bars, you win 200 coins. The symbol that follows this is the first fruit appearance on this Classic slot: the orange or tangerine. Play 3 coins and get three oranges lined up, and you'll receive 300 coins. For two credits played and three orange symbols, you win a max of 200 coins, and for a single coin wagered at the start and three orange symbols, your prize is 100 coins.

There is yet a second fruit symbol in this game, and it is represented with a strawberry. For three coins played at the start of the real money version of Lucky Lightning Slots, you can win 75 coins if three strawberry icons line up. If you play two coins and three strawberry icons line up, then your prize is a pretty good 50 coins. For one coin and three strawberries, you get 25 coins.

We're getting down to the final slew of symbols, and this last batch begins with 2x strawberries and 3x purple grapes. For three coins wagered and these combinations appearing, you win 45 coins. For two coins wagered and these symbols, your prize is 30 coins, and for one coin and the previous you get 15 coins. If you play three coins and get any three bar symbols, then you win 15 coins. For two coins wagered and any three bar icons you win 10 coins and for a single coin bet and any three bar icons, your payout is 5 coins. Lucky Lightning Slots switches things up a bit with their next symbol, which can consist of any three bar icons at a time. For three coins wagered at the start of the game and the appearance of any three symbols, you win a 15 credit payout. For two coins wagered, your prize is 10 coins, and for a single coin bet you win 5 coins if any three bars appear simultaneously.

The final two icons are the lowest paying in the game, and they begin with a single strawberry. If you wager the three coin maximum and get this strawberry, then you win 6 credits as a reward. Playing two coins and receiving a single strawberry symbol on the reels leads to a 4 coin payout, and one coin wagered gets you 2 credits. The final paying set of symbols are three blanks: for three wagered coins this will get you a 3 coin payout; for two wagered coins you get 2 coins, and for one wagered coin with three blanks you get 1 coin.

Download Lucky Lightning Slots to experience a great Classic that offers a solid cash prize to the lucky winner.