Mid-Life Crisis Slots

Mid-Life Crisis slots are hilarious in theme. I've had yet to reach my mid-life crisis, but I do feel like I'm in a quarter-life crisis, so I get the mentality behind this theme. This is a five-reel and nine-line progressive slot virtual game, including everything you'd expect from a slot board like a jackpot, scatters, or two types of bonus rounds. This is a great way to work through your midlife crisis in a humorous way. This game comes with a fixed coin slot of 25 cents, so this is your traditional quarter slot. You can play anywhere between the 1 to 9 lines, and set the number of coins per line from one to a larger five coins, totaling $11.25 per spin.

The Mid-LIfe Crisis Jackpot & Board

This is a simple jackpot, but also a great jackpot. You must trigger five sports car symbols to win, and should you be that lucky you'll win an enormous $100,000 sports car super jackpot or $100,000 in cash! The board has many symbols that all are identifiable to the middle-aged man in crisis, a hot tub, someone sky diving, a sports car a motorcycle, a wad of cash, little blue pills (This slot has a great sense of humor) a gold chain and more.

Mid-Life Crisis Two Bonus Rounds!!

The Mid-life Crisis slot comes with a rewarding Scatter Bonus Round! You just hit 3 mid-life crisis symbols or scatters. The scatters in this game are the Bald middle-aged man, toupee, and the golden chain) trigger this anywhere within the reels and they'll assemble and pay you a large scatter bonus of up to a total of 437.00 on your maximum bet. These slots also come with a pick your poison bonus, hit three "lovely ladies: and enter this "pick your poison" round. You can win a whopping $5000 bucks on an 11.25$ bet, which is not bad odds and not risking much at all!


In conclusion, I think middle-aged folks will find this slot hilarious, and even elderly who have surpassed their mid-life crisis. it's a simple slot that's not high risk, but with a great jackpot and bonus round rewards suitable to slot players of any age. Whether you're midst your mid-life crisis or not. it offers not just one, but two fun bonuses plus a rewarding jackpot bonus!