Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

Operation M.Y.O.W Slots is a uniquely-named venture into alien strangeness; done only as casino slots giant Real Time Gaming can. Although it has all the aplomb of a 5 reel video slots, Operation M.Y.O.W Slots is actually a 3 reel, single payline Classic that features fighting felines as the central theme. These athletic furballs are cats that practice the ancient Japanese art of ninjutsu, and the fact that they are masked seems to strongly suggest that evil doers are out to find their hideout.

We'll get into the game specifics shortly; but to expand on the theme, it's drawn rave reviews. You simply won't see anything like these ninja cats, as they pirouette around the screen and foment chaos while visiting vengeance upon the enemies of the people. Keep in mind that there's only one payline, which means you can expect just a few variations in the possible payout values. You can also pick between the three available paytables, which is very unique in and of itself (I don't think any of our gamers have seen anything like this before in a pokey). With that said, the highest total possible to win is an impressive $25,000 for real money gamers. There's no progressive jackpot, either, which makes this tally all the more impressive.

Some Unique Features of Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

In addition to the possibility of choosing between three different paylines, you can also look forward to a multitude of classic features here.There are no scatter symbols or substitute symbols to go with the strange feature icons, but at least the payout totals vary in a way that depends on your choices - which is rare for a game of chance. One of the possible outcomes consists of only small payouts; but you are more likely to win them. The second paytable option has moderate payout amounts; it is harder to win statistically but the payouts are considerably greater than the previous. The final payout table is, of course, the highest-paying one, and you will encounter more symbols as well as a lower chance (the lowest, in fact) of winning. The payouts are huge when compared to the previous two paytables.

A Quick Rundown of Jackpots and Wagering

As is usually the case with Classic Slots, Operation M.Y.O.W Slots allows you to wager a single coin on the sole payline; however, the desire play two or three lines is also available if you so please. As is always the case with such choices, the more coins you wager, the better the cash prize you can win. Additionally, you open up more opportunities for winning. The best strategy - as intimated by casino veterans - is to always play the most coins, but choose a lower coin denomination to manage your finances. The coin denominations in Operation M.Y.O.W Slots ranges between 5 cents and $5, in varying increments. The highest tally you can wager at once, per game, is 3 cons and a total of $15.

As for the unique triple pay table feature, every single one of them has its own exclusive jackpot for the lucky player. The initial jackpot, which is attached to the lowest amount wager, is capable of delivering a maximum of 50 coins if you win. The middle jackpot can deliver up to 1500 coins if you win, and the third and final jackpot is capable of putting an extra 5000 coins into your pockets if you wager three coins at the start of the game. Let a cycle through the possible monetary values, as dependent on you playing the maximum number of coins. For the first jackpot, this means you can win $250; for the middle jackpot you can win up to $7500, and for the third and final jackpot you can take home an impressive $25,000.

Symbols and Payouts in Operation M.Y.O.W Slots

As you can clearly see this review, the primary symbols are a bunch of ninja cats. Since it is a Classic Slots, you will also find blanks is an icon. If you play three coins and get three ninja cats lined up on the reels, your payout is 50 coins; you play two coins and get three of a kind of the ninja Cats symbols, your prize is 32 coins; waging a single coin and getting three ninja cats lined up get you 16 coins. For the second highest tally, three coins wagered and to ninja cats on the reels get you 18 coins; by waiting to coins and getting to ninja cat symbols you get 12 coins, and for a single wagered coin and two ninja Icons you receive six coins. Finally for the conventional cat symbols, three wagered coins and a single cat six coins; to which it coins and a single cat on the game board get you for coins, and for a single wagered coin and a single Icon you win two coins.

The last set of symbols begins with the "any three cats" icon. If you wager three coins and get this one then your prize is a measly five coins. If you wagered two coins and get the any three cat icon you win four coins, and if you wager a single coin and get the any three Icon symbol you win two coins. The next one in this batch of four is the so-called three blanks icon; for three coins wagered in this icon you win five coins, if you wagered two coins and get the three blanks symbol you get to coins, and if you wager one coin and get the three blanks icon you get a single coin. Next up is the strangely-named any three symbols icon; for three coin wager and this one you win four coins, for a two coin wager and this icon you win two coins, and for a one coin wager and this icon you get one coin. The exact same payouts goes for the final symbol - which is called the any two cats symbol. Download and play the Classic Operation M.Y.O.W Slots today from your favorite slot maker, Real Time Gaming.