Persian Treasures Slots

For many centuries and many centuries ago, Persia was a massive, rich empire. The kings of Persia amassed huge fortunes. They built amazing monuments and created beautiful art and they became so well known for their treasures that even the Greeks came to attack them in hopes of gaining some of the riches. Play Persian Treasures Slots to make the riches here your own. 

Treasures of Persia

The game is designed to look like an ancient tomb. The tomb is full of golden coins and it is lit with flickering torchlight. In the background, you will see grand carved pillars, beautiful statues and incredible inlays. This ancient tomb is full of wonders. Discover more of them when you play the game and see the symbols on the reels.

Seeking Riches

When the reels spin, you will find golden sculptures, glittering gems in an array of colors and lots of sparkle and gleam. You will see bold and vivid color shades on the reels, including purple, blue, red and green. There are also lots of pops of gold. There are lots of ways to get it, or at least to get money, when you play this game.

Designing a Betting Strategy

This is not a high-stakes game. Your bets will be relatively small, under at the maximum amount. There are many different ways to win across the five reels and three tows that make up this game, so your betting strategy is very important. You will choose how much to risk to win a lot of money but not to lose so much money that you have to stop playing.

The Extra Features

There are some additional ways to play the game: the bonus bet and the buy feature. Hit the bonus bet to add a little more money to your bet. This ups the stakes. Use the buy feature to buy spins. The spins will happen one right after the other, so you can watch the reels go around. You have multiple options when you’re playing this game, so you can change things up and play in different ways. This keeps things fresh and fun the entire time you’re playing the game.

Winning Money With Persian Treasures Slots

Place your bet, spin the reels and go in search of ancient Persian treasure when you play Persian Treasures Slots. This is a fun game with lots of opportunities, which is exactly what a game should be.