Pharaoh Mysteries Slots

The pyramids are probably the most recognizable structures on the planet. Everyone knows what they look like and everyone knows that the pyramids are in Egypt. They are the lasting legacy of tan ancient civilization that thrived for thousands of years. Before Rome, before Greece, the Egyptians ruled in their beautiful Nile Valley and they built the most incredible buildings the world had ever seen. They buried their kings and their treasures deep in the sands. In Pharaoh Mysteries Slots, you will go into this secretive land and you will go searching for the many treasures that are still hidden here.

The Mysteries in the Sands

Let this game sweep you away into a world of sand and sun. You will see the incredible pyramids in the background, surrounded by palm trees and sitting in the sand. The sun is setting in the background. As you enter this world and start to look around, you will discover the treasures buried in the sands, the riches that pharaohs hid away long ago. Now, you can find them and end up putting money in your pocket.

Solving the Mysteries

Spin the reels to go in search of the golden treasures and riches that were hidden in ancient Egypt long ago. There are five reels and they're split up into three rows. This is where you will discover golden statues, ancient books and many of the ancient symbols and designs that are associated with ancient Egypt. The colors and the styling truly bring his ancient world to life. The pharaohs live again in this game.

In Search of Treasure

while the vibrant colors on the reels practically leap off the screen, the spinning action will fill the board up with bright shades and beautifully designed symbols. If you're lucky and the reels spin the right way, you'll end up seeing the gold gleam and watching money get added to your account. To make this happen, you'll place a bet every time you spin the reels. Choose to minimize your risk with a small bet of less than Choose to minimize your risk with a small bet of less than $0.25 or bet over $20 to take a bigger risk and hope for a big win as a result..25 or bet over to take a bigger risk and hope for a big win as a result.

Playing Like a Pharaoh

Ancient Egypt may be long gone but in this game, you're the pharaoh You are in charge of these desert sands and the treasures you find will become money that you get to keep. The beautiful colors, the flashing gold, the amazing overall design, it all puts you into a world where anything is possible.

Finding Treasure Pharaoh Mysteries Slots

There are many treasures buried out in the sands of Egypt, ancient items that were lost to time long ago. Maybe you can't go to Egypt to dig them up but you can discover many mysteries hiding in Pharaoh Mysteries slots!