Scuba Fishing Slots

For some reason, deep sea-themed slots quickly become all the rage; we think that this is perhaps due to the indelible sense of adventure that they exude. After all, who doesn't want to dive deep into the ocean for a chance at the undiscovered treasures that await? This is what the at-home leisure of Real Time Gaming's Scuba Fishing Slots offers, with 3 reels and 27 unconventional paylines of play available. The online gaming casino from which you choose to download this will be optimized for mobile gaming, which means you can experience crisp graphics and smooth gameplay while you're out-and-about. As for the visuals, prepare to be amazed: Scuba Fishing Slots is very modern-age when it comes to looks. It lacks the conventional arrangement of paylines, but you will catch on very quickly. The deep sea diver is a nice touch, to go along with the animated gold treasure chest of arcane trinkets from the Spanish Navy (which sank, apparently, ages ago). The animation is unceasing, and you will see deep sea bubbles rising constantly throughout the gameplay.

An In-Depth Review of Scuba Fishing Slots

The sea creatures are bountiful in this pokey, and represent some of the highest payouts that exist on the reels. You do not actually engage in any fishing, since everything takes place below the surface of the waters; the three of a kind mandate holds true here, however, in order to receive the biggest payouts. Remember; there are 27 ways to win in this 27 reel video slot, and real money gamers are allowed to wager between 20 cents per line and up for a total of $100 per. Clearly, this is a higher roller slot at the highest ends. There's a total of 9 primary symbols in Scuba Fishing Slots, and they vary in value between 8 coins and 12 coins. We will become familiar with them and their payout combination values a little later on in this review. To start, let us apprise you of the bluefish symbols, the sea anemones symbol, the ocean-cleaning oyster symbols, the starfish, turquoise fish, tuna fish swordfish and puffer fish icons. To wit, the swordfish icon pays out the highest when you land the maximum symbol combination across the reels. As for the bonus icons, you have access (if you're lucky) to the great white shark and scuba diver. For you the gamer, this monster of the sea (well, unless there's a killer whale around, which eats great white sharks) is a net benefit: it is the substituting wild symbol and has the ability to enhance your payouts dramatically. Unlike other games, where the scatter icon triggers the payouts, the wild great white shark does so in Scuba Fishing Slots. Showing up on the center reel, the shark is of the expanding variety, and may enlarge itself to cover the reels on either side of the middle one for even more complete symbol combinations.

More of a Catch On the Way

When the Great White Shark symbol manifests itself on the reels as the wild icon, It will remain rooted to the spot when the other two positions spin at no additional cost to the real money player. The next symbol that appears now will be an automatic win for the player. Going more in depth, this means that the artificial intelligence picks for you in this case, and could result in the highest paying swordfish symbol or the relatively low paying sea anemone symbol. You will get more respins for your troubles. If you wagered the maximum five credits per line at the start of the game, then there's a possibility you take home up to $1000 in cash if the highest paying swordfish symbol dominates the reels. This pokey makes it very easy for you to alter your stakes with the plus and minus symbols at the bottom of the screen; they can be pressed at any time to change your wager. Of course, if you are a really laid-back type of casino gamer, then you can just use the Auto Play option - this is capped at 100 times of continuous use, in order to parry attempts by software-gaming artificial intelligence methods used by some nefarious casino gamers.

Short Pay Table

We promised earlier in this article that we would go more in depth into the pay table - so here it is: the swordfish symbol, if you land three of a kind on the reels at the same time, delivers a 200 coin payout. Keep in mind that every single symbol in this game pays in the left to right reading direction; there's no scatter symbol to pay all ways. The glowing puffer fish symbol, if you land three of them, leads to a 30 coin prize. Both the seashell and the purple spiked jellyfish symbols give you 12 coins if you get three of either one. The tunafish, for three of a kind gets you 80 coins; and the double dose of the red fish and the turquoise fish are worth 20 coins for three of each. Finally, the lowest paying symbol is the green seaweed and the pink and white jellyfish symbols; for three of a kind they are worth eight coins.

Catches and Reels In the Deep - Scuba Fishing Slots from RTG

In closing, you should know that Scuba Fishing Slots is what is termed as a low-volatility videogame, which means that you can expect to win quite a lot in terms of the number of times you win; however, you should also expect most of these wins to be of low value. Of course, as a game of chance, it's always possible to win the top prize. You want to get in the game officially, just download the casino software and invest a few shekels to see how your luck turns out in Scuba Fishing Slots.