Buffalo Mania Slots

Buffalo Mania Slots

There is no other landscape in the world quite like the American West. Here, some of nature's most impressive creatures used to roma the landscape wild and free. It was here that the mighty buffalo lived. And in Buffalo Mania Slos, it still does. Discover the wild creatures of the American West in this game.

A Wild World

This game puts you into a beautiful region of the world where you can stand in a desert and look at a snow-capped mountain. This is the American West, a land full of clear streams and powerful towers of rock. The background of the game showcases the best of the American West. But once you start spinning the reels, you will get a closer look at the animals who roam this region.

A Unique Design

You don't have to be a big-time gambler to know exactly what a slot machine looks like. You know that there are reels and rows where symbols appear in a sort of grid pattern. But in this game, things are a little different. There are five reels but they're arranged in a new way. The reels are designed to look a bit like a mountain. There are shorter reels, with just three rows, on each side. Going toward the middle, there are four rows on both reels. And in the middle, the center reel has five rows.

Searching for Buffalo

The symbols on the reels make this game look amazing. You will see many of the animals that are native to the American West here. That includes brown bears, mountain lions, beautiful wolves and the mighty buffalo. They all appear in gorgeous full-color designs on the reels. If you're lucky, they will appear a lot so you can make winning matches.

Betting on the Buffalo

Betting in this game is pretty straightforward. You can start at the minimum bet, which is around $5, to take a small risk. Increase your bet by a little more than double and keep doubling all the way up to the highest level, around $200. Every time you place a bet and spin the reels, there are 720 ways you can win because of the 720 pay lines on the board. But actually, you have a few extra ways to win, too.

Hitting the Jackpot with Buffalo Mania Slots

Buffalo Mania Slots also has another way for you to win: jackpot! There are three jackpots in total, a mini, minor and major. Win the mini and you will a few hundred dollars. At the major level, you'll win a few thousand. This is an exciting extra in the game and it's a fun addition because after all, money is what gambling is all about.