Shelltastic Wins Slots

For thousands of years, human beings have looked upon the oceans of the world in wonder. There is so much life and activity hiding under the waves, so much color and beauty and things to discover. You may also find other items to discover: the items left behind by humans. Countless shipwrecks at sea have led to many buried treasures hiding below the waves. In Shalletstic Wins Slots you will dive into this underwater world and you will discover the life, the colors and the riches that are hiding here.

Into the Sea

This game allows you to dive down under the waves and into the ocean. Seaweed and various plant life is here, along with colorful formations of other types of plant and ocean life. Everything is blue and beautiful. Look closely, and you may see fish swimming y int eh background and watch bubbles rising up to the surface of the water way above you. This is where you will start searching for the treasures hiding in the waters. Find them and start adding money to your bank account!

Searching for Hidden Treasures

There is a lot hiding in the depths of the world's oceans and there is a lot hiding in the depths of this game. Start spinning the reels to discover various types of glimmering coins made in copper, silver and gold. You will also see shells in vibrant shades of red, purple, yellow and green. You might see fish and other marine life.

The Design

Right away, you will notice that this slots game doesn't look quite like other slots games you might play. This slots game has six reels that feature five rows, which create a lot of real estate for the various coins, fish and shell symbols to appear This also creates a lot of pay lines, many ways for you to win. But there are also some extras built into the game so that you can find even more ways to play and win while you're in this world under the ocean waves.

The Bonuses

While you're playing, take a look at the Bonus Bet option, which lets you bet even more to get bigger wins. You can also get a look at the Buy Feature. Using this you can purchase free spin and trigger a little mini-game where you can win even more.

Playing Shelltastic Wins Slots

Discover a hidden world deep in the world's waters and find all the colors and fun and hidden treasures that are lurking here in Shelltaastic Wins Slots.