Fat Cat Cafe Slots

Fat Cat Cafe Slots

When it comes to making video slots with party themes and zany dreams, none of the in-house software programming outfits do it better than Real Time Gaming. Fat Cat Café Slots is the animal of choice in this rambunctious pokey for cat and dog lovers - especially the former. Although there are no free spins available in this game, it has almost everything else with multipliers of up to 6x, a visually mesmerizing display, attractiveness to low rollers and highrollers alike, and 5 reels and 25 pay lines. This last attribute means that there are plenty of possible winning combinations on the reels, making it worthwhile to play for real money if you choose. Fat Cat Cafe Slots has a solid style about it, which adds to the intrigue of playing a slot that's all about cats (for the most part, anyway). The delectable goodies on the reels also add another dimension to this digital treat.

The Devil Cake is In the Details

The first thing you notice - other than the plenitude of felines, of course - on Fat Cat Cafe Slots is the unique assortment of reels; is called a cascading real and you won't see it on to many other slots in cyberspace. The next thing of note is that these cats love pastries about as much as the modern day American woman, and spare no expense in getting powdered doughnuts, donuts with pink cream, chocolate donuts, and uber-fattening croissants. The pastry shop that they frequent appears to have everything under the sun that you want if you have a sweet tooth. Don't think too hard about the fact that cats don't seem to have a sweet tooth at all in reality; it's just a game - relax!

As for the meat of the game, the highest-valued jackpot comes in at an impressive 3000x of your wager, which can be as high as $60,000. Think about just how much of a life-changing amount of money this can be, for a modest starting bet. Fat Cat Cafe Slots is also classified in the low-variance video slot category, which presents a positive but unwilling juxtaposition with the fact that the multipliers can run up to 6x. The game has many modifiers, and the non--progressive jackpot is just the icing on top of the progressive jackpot cake. The high-level cartoon graphics looks nice on the 5 x 5 reels set up, and the gameplay does not disappoint in the least; given how often so many of the more visually impressive games overshadow the actual gameplay.

It my surprise a little bit that a game that is chock-full of goodies like this one doesn't have any free spins; however Real Time Gaming did bother to toss in a lot of multiplier opportunities, the unique cluster pays, wild symbols that are capable of substituting for every other symbol to help the player complete a winning pay line, and the fun cascading real mechanic. This cascading factor makes it possible to rack up the wins on a single play, as winning symbols present themselves, and are then replaced by new winning symbols on the same time.

The Fat Cat Café Symbol Presentation

Don't get too hungry looking at the screen, for the symbols on the reels are absolutely delicious and appearance. You will find a multitude of cupcakes, bearing all the sprinkles of the rainbow as well as confectionery delights indicative of a master chef's hands. There are also doughnuts, as mentioned up above; or perhaps you'd rather a slice of cake with chocolate strawberries, or banana cream on top of Devil cake or even Angel cake. Of course, don't forget the multitude of felines that also serve as symbol support in the game. It's been a long time since we've had carrot cake here, and we have to admit that playing Fat Cat Cafe Slots really brought back memories of grandma's weekend cooking.

Indeed, the carrot cake is one of the highest paying symbols in the game, and of luck really smiles on you and you manage to get eight of a kind lined up on the reels, you will win a whopping 500x your bet. On the lower and of the scale is the raspberry cream doughnut symbol, which pays 150x your wager. For more payouts, consider the strawberry shortcake doughnut which pays 200x your wager, or the pure vanilla doughnut that pays 125x your wager. And before we forget, there's the chocolate-covered doughnut that pays 300x your stake. We will get into more payouts a little bit later on in this review.

Bonus Mechanics in Fat Cat Café Slots

You will notice that all of the delectable pastries are attendant with so-called cat modifiers in this game; it is these modifiers that are capable of activating the 6x multiplier factors that lead to cascading wins in the game. As for the special bonus symbols, of special importance is the substitute symbol - which is represented by a cup of ground coffee. It will substitute for any symbol next to it to complete a winning combination and unleash the multipliers. As for the other bonus symbols, the yellow colored, red colored, black colored and great colored cats occupy these functions; but in order to payout anything special, they have to attach themselves to other symbols first.

Before we get to the symbol combination payouts, let's see what it takes to activate the cascading real mechanic that has the potential to deal out continuous wins within the same turn. You can really understand this by simply playing the game for fun in the Flash mode on your Android or Apple iOS device before downloading the casino software and playing for real money. You need to form something called a winning cluster before the cascading real mechanic is activated and all the beneficial symbols are moved out in favor of new ones that can also payout. You will notice that the multiplier factors that you have will keep on going up by a single factor of x until he gets to the top multiplier of 6x. Fat Cat Cafe Slots is truly like a videogame once you account for the kittens that perform various scene-clearing functions to create more space for wins.

Fat Cat Cafe Symbols and Payouts - A Slew of Combinations

The very first symbol also happens to be the highest paying one in the game; it is the slice of banana cream cake. For 8 or more of a kind of this banana cream cake symbol on the reels, you receive a payout of 500 coins. For at least 7 banana cream cake slice symbols you receive a payout of 125 coins; for 6 of a kind your reward is 60 coins; for 5 such symbols you're rewarded with 35 coins and for 4 of a kind of the slice of banana cream cake symbol you win 20 coins. The next symbol of delectable comportment on the reels is strawberry-topped, white cream donut; for 8 of a kind or more, you win a 300 coin payout. If instead you get 7 of a kind of the white cream donut symbol you win 100 coins; for 6 of a kind this one delivers a payout of 50 coins; for 5 strawberry-topped, white cream donut symbols you win 30 coins and for 4 of a kind your reward is 18 coins.

Next up is the strawberry chocolate donut (it just keeps getting better and better, doesn't it?) symbol; for at least 8 of a kind of this one you win a 200 coin payout; for 7 of a kind you win an 80 coin reward; for 6 of a kind your prize is 40 coins; for 5 strawberry-chocolate donut symbols you win 25 coins and lastly for this symbol, 4 donuts get you 15 coins. The final high-paying (relatively, anyway) symbol in Fat Cat Cafe Slots is the pink sprinkle cream donut - perhaps, the most delicious of them all. If you get 8+ such symbols on the reels at the same time, during the Cascading Reel Feature, then you win 150 coins as a payout. For 7 pink sprinkle cream donuts you win 60 coins; for 6 sprinkle donuts you get 35 coins; for 5 of a kind your reward is 20 coins and for 4 of a kind of the pink sprinkle cream donut, you win 12 coins.

The second set of symbols in the game pay out a modest amount, and these are led by the pure white cream-topped donut symbol. For 8 or more on the reels, you win a 125 coin payout; for 7 of a kind on the game board you get a 50 coin reward; for 6 white cream-topped donut symbols you receive 30 coins; for 5 of a kind your prize is 18 coins and for 4 of a kind you get 10 coins. Next up is the chocolate cupcake symbol which, for 8 or more, delivers a 100 coin payout. for 7 of a kind of the chocolate cupcake icon you get 40 coins; for 6 of a kind the prize is 25 coins; for 5 of them you win 15 coins and for 4 of a kind of the chocolate cupcake symbol you win 8 coins. For 8 or more of the oblong chocolate-covered donut symbol, you win a 75 coin payout; for 7 of a kind of this one you win 30 coins; for 6 oblong chocolate-covered donut symbols you get 18 coins; for 5 of a kind your reward is 12 coins and for 4 of a kind you win 7 coins on the reels. the last treat that pays out coins for symbol combinations on the reels is the creme-cracker symbol. If you get 8+ of the creme-cracker you win 50 coins; for 7 of the creme-cracker symbol you win 20 coins; for 6 of a kind your reward is 15 coins; for 5 of a kind you get 10 coins and for 4 of a kind your prize is 6 coins.

Special Symbols

This final short section concerns the powers of the special symbols. The first one is the Black Kitten icon which, when it shows up, is capable of clearing the row in which it appears. the second special symbol is the Orange kitten; when it appears, it can clear a column (up and down from the single reel on which it lands). The third symbol is the Grey Kitten and it can clear both a row and a column. The final symbol is the Gold kitten with electric emerald eyes; when it lands, it can clear all slots adjacent to it (forming a square around the central pixel.). Fat Cat Cafe Slots awaits your patronage - download and play today for a shot at cash and prizes - or just play the free Flash version in your browser.