Lucky Rat Slots

Real Time Gaming is a casinos game operator that is well known for its Asian themed video slots; for some reason or other, they continue churning out some of the most intriguing Oriental themes that you'd find anywhere in the online casino gaming space. One of their brightest and best is Lucky Rat Slots which, with 5 reels and an unconventional 88 paylines, leaves very little to be desired as an engrossing game. There's a ton of free bonus features inside, as well as being a visual treat for the onlooker. Out of its many attributes, one of the best is the propensity towards retriggering: you can win once, and then just keep on winning because of the ability for the feature to appear again and again. This is especially important - given that the bonus feature guarantees tripled payouts when the symbol combinations arise during bonus play.

Real Money Gaming with Lucky Rat Slots

Once you get over the decidedly unconventional 88 paylines, which means that there are plenty of different ways to win because of the huge number of combinations available, you can settle comfortably into playing. For those who choose the recommended route of keeping all paylines active, you have access to a wagering range of 88 cents and $88 - with incremental values in between. Despite this reality, keep in mind that the paylines are adjustable - so you needn't play them all if that's not your preferred style of slots gaming. By adjusting both the number of active paylines and the denominations of the coins you play, you can wager practically any amount of money within the bounds of what's acceptable (minimum and maximum values).

As for why you would play for real money? Why, the random jackpots that are available! Lucky Rat Slots has both a progressive Minor jackpot and a progressive Major jackpot for your gaming pleasure. Obviously, the jackpot that is of lesser value is the Minor one, and it is worth around $100. The jackpot of greater value is the Major one and it can net you a considerable $1000 for even a very modest amount of wagered coinage at the start of the present game. In the following section, we'll check out what gifts the two special bonus symbols in the game are capable of providing.

Lucky Rat Bonus Symbols

There are a couple of top symbols in this pokey that supercede the normal character icons, and these are the substitute (also known as the Wild) and the Scatter symbols. They enhance both payouts and gameplay, in different ways. The Scatter symbol is the Golden Gong icon, and it can, for three of a kind on the reels, trigger the so-called Pick a Feature attribute, inside of which you can truly make out like a Chinese bandit if luck smiles in your direction. If you are lucky enough to get four of a kind of the Golden Gong icon on the reels at the same time, then you not only gain access to a feature, but you also win an exorbitant 18x payout - with x being whatever amount you wagered at the start of the current game. For five scattered Golden Gong symbols, you unlock a the Free Spins feature as well as the 188 times your bet prize. In sum, then, the scatter delivers the following: for five of a kind you get 188x plus the feature game unlocked; for four of a kind you win 18 times your wager plus the feature, and for three of a kind you just win a trip to the feature game.

The wild symbol, on the other hand, is also a special symbol - but it delivers big time payouts instead of triggering features. For five of a kind of the wild Golden Rat icon you win a 5888 coin payout. For four of a kind of the Golden Rat wild icon you get 1888 coins; for three of a kind you win 188 coin and for two of a kind the final allowed payout of 18 coins is yours. The Golden Rat wild only shows up on the first and the fifth reels, and when it does, it replaces all other non-scattered symbols to help complete a winning payline. There is a single caveat, however, as concerns the Wild symbol's ability to enhance a feature in Lucky Rat Slots: the five of a kind result of 5888 coins only appears during the Gong and Fortune feature, which can be unlocked with a fortuitous play of the scattered Golden Gong symbol.

Lucky Rat Slots Symbol Paytable Values

The image of the Japanese pond symbol is the top symbols - insofar as the normal character icons are concerned - in the game. For five of a kind of this one, you win a more than acceptable 2888 coins (note the lucky number 8 and how often it appears in these symbol combo payouts). For four of a kind of the Japanese pond icon you get a payout of 888 coins; for three of a kind your reward is 88 coins, and for two of a kind you get 8 coins on the paylines. From here on out, the remaining symbols come in pairs.

This run of batched-together paying icons begins with the emblem symbol and the Koi fish symbol; for five of a kind, either of these are worth 1888 coins. For four of a kind of th fish or emblem you win 288 coins, and for three of a kind on the reels you get 28 coins. The next batch of symbols includes the white lotus flower and the red tassled emblem symbol; for five of a kind, these will get you an 888 coin reward; for four of a kind you win 188 coins, and for three of a kind your prize is 18 coins. The second batch of symbols begins with both the Japaneses fan icon and the ship icon; for five of a kind of either you win 588 coins; for four of a kind your reward is 88 coins, and for three of a kind you get 8 coins.

The final symbols in Lucky Rat Slots cover the poker card jackets - embalmed as they are inside of what appear to be Christmas baubles. The Ace and the King are the most valuable ones, and five of a kind of either leads to a 388 coin payout; four of either gets you 28 coins, and three of a kind is worth 8 coins. The second set of poker card jackets includes the Queen, the numeral 8 and the letter J; for five of either you win 288 coins; for four of a kind you get 18 coins, and for three of a kind your prize is 8 coins.

Lucky Rat Slots - A Multitude of Bonus Options

Lucky Rat Slots has a host of bonus features; we will detail them here in summation. The first one is the so-called Pick a Feature; it gets triggered if you manage to land three Golden Gong scatter symbols on the reels at the same time. Once this happens, the game will compel you to choose one (hence the "Pick Me" attribute), and thereafter a Free Spin feature will show up in which you can play between the Rat Bonus feature, the Lucky Rat feature and the Gong Bonus to see what prizes are finally delivered.

In the next Lucky Rat option, this feature opens up with a delivery of 8 free games right into your casino account, to be used for the current game. Not only that, but any wins you land - in terms of symbol combinations - are tripled in value for some truly lofty payouts. The number of free spins you receive is directly proportional to the number of scatter symbols that appear on the reels: you can win up to 25 free chances on the House.

The Rat Gong Bonus feature slides into third place with a host of positive attributes. This one manifests itself when you strike the Gong option in the previous bonus feature; you can luck into either 8 extra game on the House, or the considerably better 18 extra games on the casino House. The scattered Golden Gong, in this feature, functions as a substitute symbol once the wins are awarded to you. You can really make out like a bandit in this section if the reels roll in your favor.

The final bonus feature in Lucky Rat Slots is the Fortune Bonus. This one is all about the multipliers promised at the start of this review; the number of them that you actually luck into is dependent on the number of free spins that the previous feature awarded. Additionally, after the scattered Golden Gong icon performs its original function, it will turn wild in this feature round and start delivering free spins and multipliers. Download today and play RTG's Lucky Rat Slots for an opportunity at real cash and prizes!