Food Fight Slots

It's all about the childhood throwback - something about cafeteria food was always better! This is a fun slot about getting messy and having the classic movie food fight - I'll be honest, when I went to school this never actually happened, but it's a fun game with a nostalgic theme. Its food animations and graphics are done cutely, very endearing and charming, and delicious! Definitely don't play this slot on a diet, or maybe do play this slot on a diet, it could help. This is a five-reel nine pay line slot for the child inside of all of us. This is a classic progressive slot by the reliable Real Time Gaming. Besides this slot being easy on the eyes and a fun animated experience! There are no glitches, I have no problems playing this board. it was reliable as Real Time Gaming always is. You can play this game in practice to start, then take your shot and bet some real money on this fun food fight experience.

Simple Fun

Food Fight is filled with simple fun. This game has two bonus rounds plus a progressive jackpot. The progressive jackpot increases with every spin and is a great addition. These rules are a buffet of everything delicious, like pie, hamburger, pizza, spaghetti, tomato, and ice cream. There are tons of symbols on these reels, one of them is the pudding bowl which is quite available when you trigger two, three, four, or five of a kind. The pie is the next highest symbol. Like most slots, three, four, or five identical icons payout for the user.

Check Out The Ice Cream Scatter and Pie Bonus

The Ice Cream Scatter bonus is a joy for those with a sweet tooth! This scatter bonus is activated by triggering three identical pieces to build an ice cream cone! When you build this cone, use a cone, an ice cream scoop, and a hot chocolate topping. These symbols reward you the scatter bonus. The bonus will appear regardless of how many are at stake and the bonus pays out depending on your bet of course. You can win up to 405 coins if you play the maximum bet option. Build a three-part pie and within this particular bonus game and when you smash the pie in someone's face you'll win a great amount depending on your total bet of the spin.