Jumping Beans Slots

Leap as high as you can for joy if you happen to win some moolah in RTG's Jumping Beans Slots - which is only available if you download and make a deposit. This one's got 3 reels and a handful of paylines over which to potentially deliver some great payouts. Just how great, you ask? Well - think two impressive progressive jackpots, a payout-doubling substitute symbol and a free games feature that serves as the game's bonus.

What's the point of the real money version if you don't even know what you can wager? Well - let's address that now: in Jumping Beans Slots, you can bet over a dozen different coin denominations, starting with $0.05 and ending with the max amount of $5 for each game you play - as long as 5 lines are kept active. That divides down to a penny per line at the minimum end and $1 per line at the maximum bet per payline.

Symbols in the Game - A Quick Summary

You'll be presented with the pay table at the start of your round of play, and it remains easily accessible with but the push of a button throughout live play. All symbols pay out in the conventional reading direction (left to right); but the scatter symbol of the jumping bean pays out both ways. Some of the other symbols will be immediately recognizable if you know anything about the ethnic Mexican musical scene: macarenas, tacos, cartoon sun, red beans, guitars and maracas. The solid bars from Classic slots also make an appearance here. The prizes for getting these symbols lined up vary; you'll see what they are, specifically, in the symbol combination pay table section that is to come.

As for the major standard prizes in the game, we already touched on the progressive jackpot. The Minor prize is worth at least $100, and the Major prize is worth at least $1,000. These are randomly awarded during a normal round of play - no matter how little success you might have had to that point.

Special Icons in the Game

The primary special icon is the substitute - also known as the wild. In Jumping Beans Slots, this is repped by the Masculine Bean symbol. His giant Mexican hat makes his visage unmistakable. His primary power is the ability to replace every other symbol except the scattered Feminine Bean. When the wild shows up, all prize amounts are doubled in value when he replaces one to help complete a winning combination.

As for the scattered Mrs. Bean, she is capable of activating the Jumping Beans Free Games Feature - which serves as a bonus by which the lucky gamer can take home even more cash than the symbol combo payouts provide. In order to get to this feature, you will need to get Mrs. Bean three times in a row (at the same time, obviously); whereupon you will get ten free games. There are other prizes, depending on how many scatters land on the reels simultaneously.

Jumping Beans Slots Icon Combinations and Payouts

For three Masculine Bean icons in a row, the prize is 100 coins; if a single substitute icon replaces one of them, this becomes 200 coins. For three of the green caboose symbols, you land a 50 coin payout; when the wild comes through and completes the winning combination, this becomes 100 coins. The cartoon sun is a happy figure, and three of a kind is guaranteed to make you happy, as well - the prize pot contains 30 coins; this becomes 60 coins with the appearance of the wild symbol. There's also the triple taco icon which, for three on the reels, results in a 15 coin deposit; with the wild symbol, this is doubled to 30 coins.

The double taco comes next, and leads off the charge into the second-tier payouts. For three double taco icons, the prize is 10 coins; the wild symbol bumps this up to 20 coins. For a single taco icon you win 7 coins, which enjoys an increase up to 14 coins with the substitute symbol. After this, there's a double dose of Mexican emblems with the guitar and the maracas; for three of a kind, you win 5 coins/credits. The wild icon gets this up to 10 coins/credits. The second cache of two symbols consists of a red rose flower and a green cactus with a sombrero on. For three of these, you get 3 coins; the substitute Mr. Bean icon tosses this value up to 6 coins if it makes a substitution.

Finally, we see what payouts you win for two of each symbol; the bad guy with hat symbol, for two, is worth 3 coins. If Mr. Bean goes wild and replaces one of the bad guys, you win 6 coins instead. The green train car or caboose hops up next, and two of them are worth a 2 coin reward. If the wild appears as well, this is doubled to 4 coins. The cartoon sun, for two, gets a respectable prize payout of 2 coins; for a wild icon substitution, this becomes 4 coins just like the previous train car symbol. Closing out this review are the values of the special symbols: the wild Mr. Bean, for 3 showing up anywhere on the reels, gives ou 1000 coins. If two wilds appear by themselves, this is worth 20 coins, and if one wild Mr. Bean shows up, you get 2 coins.