Santastic Slots

The holidays are a-coming; the holidays are a-here! Real Time Gaming's Santastic Slots is a delicious 3 reel, five pay line progressive slot with a jackpot of the same name. This game's got many bonus features that are capable of handing out free games like Santa Claus hands out presence to good children. It's also got multiplier wild symbols that can keep your game going for a long time, given you many more opportunities to win some cash and prizes. Although you don't have to play this one during the holidays, just imagine if you can win large sums of cash - you can buy all the presence you want and more for your family and friends. Although 3 reels and 5 pay lines do not make for very large video slot, Santastic Slots more than makes up for it with its bonus features. You will find high paying symbols with the elves, old St. Nick himself, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, cream-topped carrot cake, a teddy bear gift, stockings filled with presence, a snowman and a candy cane. Let's figure out just how much you stand to make if luck smiles on you during the winter season of casino gaming online.

Wagering in the Game And More

This game is available to be played in the free mode; to activate this, just click the Flash Play button that's usually located above the Download button on the desktop or mobile version of the online casino at which are playing. If, however, you wish to have a chance at cash and prizes, then you need to download the casino software and activate the game. Once you're all set up and have link to your bank account to your newly created casino account, then you will find the wagering range to be from $.10 to one dollar per pay line. You can only bet a single coin per line in Santastic Slots; this means that your total wager will be a minimum of $.50 or a maximum of five dollars per game if every single available pay line is activated. This is not an All Ways Pays type of pokey; it proceeds in the left to right direction. With that said, the special symbols of the jackpot icon, Rudolph the red nose reindeer icon and Santa Claus do pay in both directions, and can reward you with some coinage my having only two symbols on the game board. Speaking of the jackpot icon, when it lands on the middle reel, you are rewarded with a Jackpot Spin. This special attribute is capable of awarding either the jackpot pay consisting of a couple of icons, the progressive jackpot consisting of three icons, or nothing at all if you don't get any symbols on the board. Additionally, this feature is activated during the so-called Festive Feast Bonus Feature.

Bonus Symbols and Features in Santastic Slots

Before we leave this section and indulge in the symbol combination payouts, you should know that there are two wild symbols in the game. These are capable of making a substitution for everything other than the Jackpot icon, and they come with multiplier attributes. The first wild is the Double Stocking cap substitute; it only shows up on the second real and can double the payout when it replaces an icon in the symbol combination. The second wild is the Triple Stocking cap substitute symbol, - and as per the name - it triples the payouts of the combination in which it features. It only shows up on the third real. If you're lucky enough to get both of the substitute symbols at the same time, then get ready for your reward amount to rocket up to 6x. The only symbol that rebuffs their attempts at substitution is the scattered Jackpot.

Symbol Combos and Payouts in Santastic Slots

The top symbol is the Jackpot insignia; for three of them on the reels, you win the predictable jackpot! For two of them, you still get a solid 10 coins, with the monetary value being dependent on the coin sum you picked. The candy canes are capable of doubling and tripling your payouts, and they start things off by influencing (potentially) the Santa Claus icon. For three old St. Nick icons you win 100 coins; if both collections of candy cane icons appear as well, these jump up to 600 coins. For two St. Nick symbols, you win 3 coins; the substitute symbols together can make this an 18 coin payout. The following two symbols are considered mid-value, and comprise Rudolph the Reindeer and a Worker Elf with gifts. Three Rudolph icons leads to 50 coins, and two reindeer gets you 2 coins. If both candy cane wild symbols appear with the three of a kind, you get 300 coins instead of 50 coins. Next is the Elf with gifts; three of a kind is worth 30 coins and the subs change this to 180 coins when they show up. Right beneath this tier are the North Pole flag and the snowman symbols; for three of the former you win 20 coins and for three of the latter you win 10 coins. The candy cane wilds double either of the values when they make a substitution. Closing out this review, we've got the carrot cake and the stocking stuffer symbols; together, each gets you 7 coins when three appear. The wild candy canes combo also replaces these to give you a huge 42 coin boost. The final set of symbols are the sole cane and the teddy bear; three of either is worth a 5 coin payout unless the substitute symbols show up together; then, they are worth 30 coins for the same combination. Santastic Slots is a winner in our eyes, for the gameplay alone; download the casino software for a chance to get real lucky.