Double Ya Luck Slots

When it comes to gaming without compromise, then Real Time Gaming's Double Ya Luck Slots is where it's at. The option to play for a shot at real cash and prizes is front-and-center, which means you need only download the casino software for entry. Otherwise, you'll be stuck playing for fun money and missed chances. Additionally, this one is a slot of the progressive variety, which means that it possesses an ever-growing jackpot that depends on how many players download the software and play for real cash. As you can imagine, the size of the prize pool can grow really large before it is delivered to an extremely lucky player. Double Ya Slots is over half a decade old, and yet still continues to draw in the highrollers. Upon seeing it for the first time, you will be reminded of a Blackjack table mixed with a Roulette board. The symbols are displayed prominently, and the game board is awash in vibrant reds, blues, Blacks, greens and gold. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is not to be drawn in by the graphics, so that you can pay attention to your wagering and how it affects the rolling pay lines. The grid layout is 3x3 and is of a conventional size. To either side of the board, you will find golden plaques that record the growing jackpot amount, as well as that record your current win total. There are some more elements in the game, but these mostly referred to the bonus feature that can be activated during an especially lucky round of play.

Wagering In Real Money Double Ya Luck Slots

Although this is a high roller slot, you can rest assured that you low-rollers can still wager a paltry sum and be in the running for lots of cash and prizes. The minimum starting bet in the game is just $.10 per pay line; the highest available coin denomination is one dollar per pay line, and you have to bet three coins for every single spin in order to be in the running for the progressive jackpot. When you do this, there's a chance of winning over 1000 coins - with the actual dollar amount, of course, being dependent on the chosen coin denomination at the start of the game.

Special Symbols for Luck

If you are a frequent casino gambler at the world-famous Loss Vegas brick and mortar gaming center, then the symbols and icons in Real Time Gaming's Double Ya Luck Slots will be very, very familiar to you. They consist of the obligatory sevens, American dollar signs in green, the lucky horseshoe, golden bells, shimmering diamonds, fruit cherries and the ever-present bars. Additionally, the scatter symbols number three, and some of them only show up on the second and third reels. The best scatter symbol in the game is a red die with white dots. The plot twist is that landing the scatter symbols is what introduces you to the Gamble Feature, as well as the other bonus features in the slot. Along the way, you just might pick up a 4x multiplier to really enhance your winning potential. There is also a substitute symbol in the game, and it is known as the wild Double; it can replace nearly every other icon in the game sends the lucky 7 symbols, the game emblem symbols, and the red dice. It doubles prizes, as well whenever it replaces one to help complete a winning pay line. The scattered red die symbol, on the other hand, can pay any which way - but when it pays in the left to right reading direction, it activates the games feature bonus.

Double Ya Luck Slots Symbol Combinations and Payouts

We now get to the meat of this slots review. Double Ya Luck has several highly-valuable icons, and these begin with the Double substitute symbol; it shows up to replace any other symbol (nearly any). The excluded symbols are the 7 and the Red Dice scatter, as well as the substitute Luck. Any prize you would have otherwise won is doubled when the Double wild replaces a copy of it. If you land 3 of these, you win the top prize of 1000 coins; for two Double wilds you win 20 coins and for a single substitution, you get 2 coins. The scatters consist of the Ya chip icon, the Luck chip symbol and the Red Dice. As for the regular, non-special symbols, the gold bell starts things off. For three of these, your reward is 100 coins. For two gold bells and one symbol-replacing wild Double icon, you win 200 coins. The next icon is the silver horseshoe; for three of a kind, the result is 50 coins. If the wild Double appears, the prize becomes 100 coins when two horseshoes show up. The next two paying symbols are the dollar sign and the three bars (gold, silver and bronze). For three green dollar signs, you win 25 coins; and for two dollar signs and one Double chip, you get 50 coins. The triple bars, for three, are worth 20 coins and for two bars and a single wild Double chip, 40 coins. The final slew of symbols are lower value. The double bars, for three, are a solid 15 coins; but with the wild symbol, this jumps up to double at 30 coins. The single bar icon, for three, are worth 10 coiins and for a wild replacement, 20 coins. Lastly, there's the cherry and the diamond symbols (separately). The cherry, for three of a kind, is worth 5 coins and for two and a substitute, 10 coins. The white diamond glitters on the screen and three of them returns a 3 coin payout. The substitute Double icon gets you 6 coins. Download Double Ya Luck Slots today!