Sevens and Stripes Slots

If you're a gamer looking for a real Classic with all the fixings, then the somewhat nationalistic Sevens and Stripes Slots from RTG ought to serve as a qualified option. It is decidedly American, although you shouldn't take that to mean that no one else is invited - Real Time Gaming makes it a point to let everyone in the world know that there games are equally available to all nationalities where casino gambling is legal.

As you might have guessed, the theme is very patriotic, with the characteristic red's, blues, whites and stars running rampant throughout the game board. Many of the stars in the game have actually been substituted with the Lucky sevens that serve as the games nom de guerre. To activate and get in the game, all that's required is you download the casino software and make a deposit as outlined in the article below. If you're a fan of online casino games, then you will be regaled by the retro appearance, look and feel of this old-fashioned pokey. It has the requisite three reels and one pay line to qualify as a Classic Slot, with the symbols consisting of different colored bars and three different colors of the lucky sevens.

What Are The Coin Options in Sevens and Stripes Slots?

The best spin option is obviously to pick the maximum three coins that are available for round of play. The Land of the Free makes it a point to give you several options - all for your choosing. However, in order to have access to the impressive progressive jackpot, you have to play the maximum three coins; for this, if everything swings your way and your especially lucky today, you stand to win up to 10,000 coins as a payout. In order to get this value you need to have three of a kind of the blue 7 lined up, three of a kind of the red 7 as well as three of a kind of the white 7 symbols.

If you decide to play conservatively and eschew the progressive jackpot, then you can play either two coins per wager or one coin per wager; either way you are still in for quite the reward. If you win with either for the two coin option, you stand to win a maximum of 4800 coins as the top payout; whereas for the single coin wagered at the start of the game the most you can win is 2400 coins. As is obvious from the plenitude of symbol arrangements that are possible, there are many other prize combinations that you can win in Sevens and Stripes Slots from RTG.

Some of the other winning combos we'll introduce here briefly, before fleshing them out completely in the final section of this review of Sevens and Stripes Slots. The different collection of bars in the game all represent considerable wins - they are, after all, prize symbols. The payouts start on the low end with 4 coins and end up on the high end with 12 coins. The triple single bars icon is worth a payout that falls within the 10 coin to 30 coin range. The triple double bars icons is a bit less with a payout somewhere in the 20 coin to 60 coin range, and the triple triple bars grants the biggest prize, within 40 coins and 120 coins range. The blue, red and white 7's symbols are also worth your coffers; we'll see what the payouts are below.

Symbol Combination Payouts in Sevens and Stripes Slots

For three numeral 7 symbols, colored red, blue and white (respectively), playing 3 coins gets the whopping progressive jackpot. If instead you choose to play 2 coins, the same alignment of 7's are worth a 4800 coin payout. Playing a single coin wager with this alignment gets you 2400 coins. The next highest paying collection of icons is represented by a triplet of red 7 numerals; playing the max 3 coins at the start of the game and getting this lined up is worth a huge 5000 coin payout. Playing two cons and getting this still gets the real money player an eye-opening 2398 coins (an odd payout amount, to be sure). If you play a single wager you win 1199 coins with 3 red 7 symbols. Winding down the list of high paying icons, we have the 3 white 7 symbols. Playing three coins and getting this is worth 600 coins as a payout; playing 2 coins and getting the same is worth 400 coins and playing one coin gets you 200 coins.

For the middle symbols, we begin with the blue 7's. Three of a kind at a wager of 3 coins is worth 300 coins; a two coin wager and three blue 7's is worth 200 coins and a single coin wager gets you 100 coins. The next one is a triple blue bar; for a three coin wager, the triple blue bars are worth a 120 coin payout; for a two coin wager the three blue 7's are worth an 80 coin payout and for a single coin wager you receive 40 coins. The last of the mid-tier icons is a multi-colored numeral 7 - red, white and blue. Wagering three coins and getting this results in a 60 coin win. Wagering two coins and getting the triple-colored 7's is worth 40 coins, and wagering one coin and getting these three is worth 20 coins. To learn more and get in the game, download the casino software and make a deposit - Sevens and Stripes Slots is here for your enjoyment!