Sparky 7 Slots

Slots are one of the few truly universal gambling games you can find in the world. It takes a lot of skill and study to become really good at games like poker and blackjack, for example. Many people don't even know how to play baccarat, which is another common casino game that's difficult to play. But slots? Anyone can learn how to play the slots and that's all part of the fun. Sparky 7 Slots has a classic slots design and classic gameplay that showcases the best of slots design over the last decades. Everything that's great about slots is here, in other words.

Into a World of Classic Slots

The background of this game has a futuristic look to it. You will see a lot of purple and blue, a lot of cords and gadgetry. And in the front and center, you will see the game board where you can make the matches that will lead you to big wins. You don't have to be an expert gambler to play slots.

Spinning Your Way to Fortune

This game is simple, the way classic slots games were. You will find just three reels and three rows where symbols might land along the reels. You can see exactly where all the pay lines are, so you know when you make a winning combination right away. When you go, things start to light up and flash and everything becomes even more exciting.

The Extra Symbol

You will notice an unusual feature as you play this game: the extra symbol. Detached from the rest of the game board but connected to the main action, there is an extra space where symbols spin around. When the right symbol falls into place, this becomes a multiplier that increases your winnings.

How to Win

As the reels spin around in bold color shades of red and green, purple and orange and blue, you will choose how much to bet and create your strategy to win. gou have two betting options: $0.50 to $1. This is a low stakes game but there are still plenty of winning opportunities here.

Enjoy Classic Gambling with Sparky 7 Slots

Everything that's great about slots is a part of Sparky 7 Slots. Play the game, spin the reels and find out how your luck lines up with this fun, fast-paced slots game. See how classic gambling feels when you play this slots game.