Ape King Slots

Ape King Slots

Yet another brand new pokey from the annals of Real Time Gaming; Ape King has got 5 reels and a world-changing 243 paylines! For the gamer, this means that you have many, many ways to win. In fact, although Ape King is not a progressive (which means that the jackpot does not keep on growing in size until someone wins), the symbol combo payouts are considerable for the lucky gamer.

The 5 x 3 grid layout is nothing new, and there's the conventional wild/scatter setup that can appear as an unconventional combination to really make your payout wins skyrocket in value. The included monkey symbols can bring about a torrent of free spins, and the option to retrigger some of these even during a free spins rounds makes the game all the more attractive. There are no multiplier features in Ape King Slots, however.

Ape King Slots Wagering and Metrics

Although there's no progressive jackpot in this game, since it is from RTG, you should expect some darn good payouts for the lucky real money gamer. And this pokey does not disappoint: you can win up $250,000 on just one real money spin!! The relevant multiplication is 1,666x, with x being what you wagered at the start of the downloaded game (x is obviously the max coin denomination for the listed monetary amount). The available coin sizes for real money players are 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents - with the maximum wager per game stuck at a solid line stuck at a solid $20 (as reported in early versions of the pokey). Now, it appears that upon release, Ape King Slots accepts a betting range that begins at 30 cents and ends at $150 per game - which is right up the high-rollers alley.

As for as the metrics are concerned, Ape King is a solid slot. It has medium to high variance, and the RTP (return to player) value is an average of right around 96% - which is perfect for a lot. This means, statistically, that you can expect a positive result (i.e, win) every 3-5 spins you make. The possibility of winning 15x your wager is also a good way to entice players to give it a spin through download.

Ape King Slots Symbols and Bonuses

There are quite a few symbols on the reels of this game, starting with primates of various sizes - from chimpanzees, to orangutans, baboons, chimps and even the top ape, the gorilla. There are also pots of gold and bags of treasure, with each and every symbol becoming animated when it appears in a winning combination. Don't be surprised to see wins as big as 1500 coins manifest themselves on the screen, along with the lower-paying poker card jackets in tow.

The pot of gold serves as the wild or substitute icon, and it performs the usual function of helping the gamer complete a winning payline. However, it is important to keep in mind that this symbol is limited in scope - it shows up only on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th reels an can supplant the big Ape icon. The minimum number of symbols necessary to receive a payout is three, so that's good, at least. The best thing this game has going for it are the free spins feature, which is activated by the Wild pot of gold. It is a rather limited substitute icon, in that the only symbols it can supplant are the apes - orangutans, baboons, gorillas, chimpanzees and so on and so forth. As for the others - they act like scatter symbols and rebuff the wild's advances.

Symbol Payouts via Combinations

The symbols in this game are similar to the ones in Monkey King Slots; thus, we'll use their payout structure until more information is released on Ape King Slots by Real Time Gaming. For five of a kind, the pot of gold is worth a 1000 coin payout. If 4 wild symbols appear, then you receive a 300 coin payout, and three of a kind of the substituting pot of gold icon gets you 15 coins.

The regular symbols are next, and begins with an orangutan icon; five of a kind is worth 250 coins; four orangutans gets you 100 coins and three orangutan symbols are worth 15 coins. The gorilla, which is the biggest of the primates, is nonetheless second in value. For five of a kind, the gorilla icon is worth 200 coins; four gorilla icons get you 80 coins and three of a kind is worth 10 coins. The baboon slides safely into third base with five symbols on the reels at the same time being worth 150 coins; four baboons getting you 50 coins and three of a kind being worth 6 coins.

The final symbols in Ape King Slots from Real Time Gaming are the afore-mentioned poker cards. The Ace, for five of a kind, is worth 125 coins. Four Ace cards are worth a 35 coin payout, and three of a kind gets you 5 coins. The King and the Queen are worth the same for some reason; five of a kind of either is worth 100 coins; four of a kind gets you 25 coins and three Kings or three Queens are worth 4 coins. The Joker card is, for five of a kind, worth 75 coins; for four of a kind the Joker gets you 15 coins, and for three of a kind it's worth 3 coins. Lastly, we have the numerals 10 and 9; five of either is worth 50 coins; four of a kind gets you 10 coins, and 2 of a kind is worth a solid 2 coins. Download Ape King Slots for a shot at the big bucks; otherwise - play the Flash version for free.