Spring Wilds Slots

Spring Wilds Slots

There is something amazing about the spring season. It's a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, beautiful colors, baby animals. It's a time of candy and treats and fresh, growing things. The feeling of spring is beautifully captured and wonderfully rendered in Spring Wilds Slots. The colors, the artwork, the lively action, all of it brings the season to life.

Always Springtime

It is always Springtime when you're playing Spring Wilds Slots. The game is filled with soft pastel colors in shades of pink, purple, blue, green and yellow. The background is a fantasy candy world where the homes are cupcakes, marshmallows grow right out of the ground and everything is covered in multicolored sprinkles. The flowers are in bloom and there is a feeling in the air that anything is possible. Because in this game, anything is.

Spring Showers

Make the five reels of this game spin around and you will start to discover all sorts of symbols and images that will remind you of spring. you'll see adorable baby animals like lambs, chicks and bunny rabbits. You will see delightful sweet treats like cookies, little cakes and candies. And you'll see Easter eggs, which are always a big part of the spring season. Everything is designed with a cute, colorful flair. 

Lucky Streak

As you play and if luck is on your side, you will discover various wild symbols that make it easier for you to get a win. You may also see the Spring wilds symbol. If you end up getting six of these, you will go on a lucky streak! This opens the door for bigger and better wins. 

Beating the Board

The way you bet has everything to do with how this game will play out. This is the part of the fame you can control. You will choose exactly how much to bet on every spin of the reels and in this way, you will choose how much you win or lose. Bet the minimum of Bet the minimum of $0.25 or up the stakes all the way up to $6.25..25 or up the stakes all the way up to .25. you won't place big bets in this game but you can still get some pretty big wins. There are 25 pay lines on the board, so there are a lot of ways you can win every time you spin the reels.

Go Wild for Spring Wilds Slots

Start spinning the reels and step into a world of springtime when you play Spring Wilds Slots. This game is fun and fast and exciting, just like spring itself. With luck, it will be the key to your good fortune.