Bao Ni 8 Slots

This relatively new venture by master games maker, Real Time Gaming, Bao Ni 8 Slots has a serious infatuation with the lucky number 8. This should not be surprising, because 8 is the luckiest number of them all in Chinese culture; although 7 has a high place as well. This particular game highlights the primacy of the last even number before the base 10, and offers many chances at respins, besides. Indeed, the respins are capable of coming at a solid and consistent clip between multipliers amounts of 2x - 10x, as long as these multipliers manifest themselves during the bonus feature. Bao Ni 8 Slots has a 5 reels and 8 paylines that are always active (which basically means they are bot variable; i.e. you have to always play all the paylines in this game).

Additionally, for this section of the article, the essence of Bao Ni 8 Slots is to celebrate the emergence of the Springtime season; which is especially welcome during this time of the historical COVID-19 issue that has affected the world, and brought people together (in a sense) while keeping them apart. You know it's a good one because it's made by none other than RTG. The Chinese characters that are in the game signal lock and a grand sense of prosperity; furthermore, the lush background scenery certainly exudes a sense of serenity during gameplay.

Starting Off Gameplay with Bao Ni 8 Slots

The triple row and 5 reels that are available in this pokey translates to plenty of ways to win. As such, this is one of the recommended games (not officially, but by casino veterans) to play for real money - even if it's only a small sum, so as to take advantage and perhaps infuse your gameplay with a little bit of risk for the potential reward. The 8 reels makes it compact enough to fully enjoy on your mobile device; as long as you are running Apple iOS or Android, and using the Safari, Chrome or Firefox browsers.

As you get into playing, you will find that the lucky number 8 features very strongly in all aspects of the game - including the symbols on the reels. It's almost like Ancient China has found a way to bring back the golden age! Except, with the added benefit that you can enjoy it from the comfort of your own home or office; or even enjoy it on the road with your tablet or smartphone. The game is so well-designed that despite the lofty graphics, it still runs very smoothly and seamlessly, with no hitches or jerky mechanics. All you have to land is a minimum of three of a kind of the symbols in order to get a payout; you can also get lucky enough to land either four of a kind or the maximum five of a kind to indulge significantly higher sums of cash. To enhance this further, Bao Ni 8 Slots keeps the respins coming like candy from a broken machine (all dependent on a random number generator), because it is a high Hit Frequency pokey. The bonus symbol is, predictably, 888 - which also serves as the substitute symbol and can replace any other symbol in the game to help the player complete a winning payline.

The In-Depth Design Characteristics of Bao Ni 8 Slots

Although at first glance, this visual slot is a bit on the clean side; there's a very good reason for this - the slot-makers want you to focus on the exceptional gameplay. To the latter end, although the pokey is crisp and colorful, there are almost no animations when it comes to the symbols on the reels. The intent is clear, and your gameplay experience will be better for it. The grid of 3 rows and 5 reels keeps it compact, while offering plenty of opportunities to win, with a constant onscreen light source that keeps the game from becoming staid. The movement of the symbols is speedy, so keep a close watch as they hopefully land in a winning order for you. As a nice touch, there's a musical score in the background - but you have the option to shut this off with the press of a button on the game-screen.

Bao Ni 8 Slots Wild icon substitutes for any other symbol in the game except the scattered Free Games Feature Bonus icon; an added restriction for the wild is that it can only show up on odd-numbered reels to help you complete a winning payline. Should Lady Luck smile on you, there's a Free Spins feature symbol that can descend on any of the five possible spaces to activate an 8 free spins gift. The previous is for if you only land three of a kind of the bonus; if you manage to land four of a kind, then you win 11, 12, 13, 14, or even 15 free games depending on some other factors. If the full five of a kind appear on the reels, then you win a whopping 50 free games! When you add to this the very real respin feature in Bao Ni 8 Slots, then you can see this is a breathtaking game (potentially) that could have you playing for free all through the night. The added multiplier possibilities of 2x - 10x is also a neat feature.

Playing for Real Cash and Prizes Opportunities

Although free play is pretty fun; remember - you only have access to fun money in this mode, which means that all the luck in the world shouldn't be wasted in this mode. If you do choose to activate real money gaming via download, then you will be able to bet the minimum 8 pennies (the lowest amount; which is fairly modest if you ask us). Such a small sum of money makes it hard to justify spinning the free reels aimlessly for too long - but the choice, of course, is yours. Alternatively, you can increase the wager to sums such as 80 cents per spin, $2, $4, $8 or even the top allowed amount of $40 per spin if you are really feeling confident and want to win or lose a hefty sum. This final top amount is $5 per spin over 8 reels for the $40 listed. At this level, the max possible payout for the lucky winner is an impressive $850.