Shadow Gods Slots

If online casinos were your only barometer, you would think that Ancient Egypt has all the gifts that one could desire. With legends of gods and aliens, the Egyptians have really enriched our culture; even the day of Sunday is named for Ra - the chief Egyptian sun god. With that said, check out Real Time Gaming's new Shadow Gods Slots, which has 5 reels and a breathtaking 50 paylines. As good as the gameplay is, we would be remiss if we didn't mention the absolutely gorgeous interface, which is of the highest quality graphics that you'd ever see. The visual awesomeness even makes it self known in how well-crafted the symbols on the reels are - you'll come face to face with the gods of old, such as Horus, Osiris, Anubis and even the evil Set.

Shadow Gods Gaming Options

The primary reason to play Shadow Gods Slots, as stated, is for the fun and chance at cash and prizes. For the former, you need only click to the website on either your desktop computer running Windows OS, or use your mobile device running Apple iOS or Google Android, and play the in-browser Flash version. The browsers that are confirmed to work with this are Chrome, Firefox and Safari. If you wish to download and play, then you'll need to make a qualifying deposit - after which you get a healthy Welcome Bonus. You can then access the slots for real money opportunities. The top payout based on symbol combinations is 800x - with the variable x denoting your wager. Courtesy of the scatter symbols inside, you can rack up Free Spins to extend your gaming streak.

Symbols and Combinations in Shadow Gods Slots

The well-crafted symbols practically come to like in this pokey, and are representative of some of the most popular animals and emblems of Egyptian lore (Ancient Egypt, that is). You'll find scarab beetles, some of the gods and goddesses (Ishtar, in particular), cobra snakes and even lower-paying royalty. When the Shadow Gods, themselves, appear - the animations take a turn for the better, and the whole screen takes on a starry night patina. With that said, let us now take a gander at some of the values of these vaunted symbols.

The great shadow god of darkness and death, Set, who slew his brother Osiris for a shot at their sister, Ishtar (yeah - messed-up family, right?!) starts things of as the highest paying icon. For five of a kind of Seth the Shadow God, you receive a payment of 800 coins as a reward. For four of a kind of Set, you win an 80 coin reward; for three Set symbols you get 20 coins and for just two of a kind, your reward is 2 coins. The second-highest paying symbol is Ishtar the high priestess shadow goddess; for five of a kind, she grants you a 500 coin payout. For four of a kind of Ishtar you win 80 coins; for three Ishtar symbols you get 20 coins and for two Ishtar icons the prize is 2 coins.

There are two mid-paying icons; the cobra is the first. For five of a kind of this one in Shadow Gods Slots from RTG, you win 200 coins. Four cobra symbols are worth 50 coins, and three of a kind of the cobra symbol gets you 10 coins on the paylines. The second mid-level icon is the scarab beetle; for five of a kind, this one gets you a 200 coin reward. For four of a kind of the scarab beetle you win 50 coins, and for three of a kind, your reward is 10 coins.

Shadow Gods Bonus Icons and Low-Paying Symbols

The King Tut mask is the scatter symbol, and it has the distinction of being the only icon that cannot be replaced by the expanding wild. For five of a kind of the mask scatter, you win a payout of 100x - where the letter x represents the wager you made at the beginning of the real money version of Shadow Gods Slots. Keep in mind, too, that the scattered mask pays any which way it shows up in multiples. For four of a kind of the scattered mask icon, you win 10x coins, and for three of a kind your reward is a 2x payout.

As for the low-paying poker card icons, the Ace kicks things off with five of a kind being worth a 100 coin payout. For four Ace jackets, you win 20 coins and for three of a kind your prize is 10 coins. Next is the King suit; five King suits gets you a 100 coin reward; four of a kind of the King suit is worth 20 coins and three of a kind gets you 10 coins. Following in her proper place after the King is the Queen - five of a kind of this poker card jacket gets you 80 coins; four of a kind is worth 10 coins and three of a kind gets you 5 coins.

Shadow Gods Features

There are many awesome features in this new slot from RTG; starting with the so-called Coin Feature. The Eye of Horus is the central attribute, and if 6 of them shows up during the feature, you are set to choose one and unlock the treasures that lay behind it. You can also - if you are especially lucky - win 5 extra re-spins along with the prizes behind the coins. Next is the Wild Reels Feature, as well as the Treasure Spins Feature. Shadow Gods Slots is filled to the brim with exciting opportunities; download today to find more.