Football Fortunes Slots

Football Fortunes Slots

Although in American parlance, the term football refers to gigantic, extremely fast and powerful men attacking and defending end zones, the true definition of football actually refers to what Americans call soccer. Football is actually the primary worldwide sporting activity, and is watched by literally billions of people on the planet - as opposed to millions or perhaps tens of millions comprising the gridiron game audience. But this is not a contest; where bringing to you a fantastic new slot that exists in the progressive category and offers to potentially deliver gold to the real money gamer who is fortunate enough to win. The game is rated as having a high volatility, which means that the wins are frequent - although not necessarily large with this frequency. Every once in a while, you just might be slated to take home the big one. If nothing else, try Football Fortunes Slots in the Flash mode for free; then, you can go ahead and download the casino software, create a casino account with a new username and password, link a valid means of deposit/withdrawal, and receive the Casino House starting cash is a welcome bonus. Easy, right?

Football Fortunes Slots Game Details

The layout of this pokey is a 5 X 4 board, and it has an amazing 50 pay lines that are always kept active - which means that in order to vary the amount of coins you put down, you have to choose different coin denominations per pay line. This is fine, however, since those-in-the-know always recommend playing all active pay lines in order to maximize your chances of winning. You will become familiarize with the Fortune in the Rhino double game modes, which are capable of delivering wins of up to and including 3000x - with x referring to your wager amount at the start. It is not unheard of to win $375,000 in the real money version of Football Fortunes Slots. This is close to how much famed soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo makes per day through his football/soccer salary and his endorsements! And to help you on the path to accomplishing such exceptional sums of money, do not forget that the pokey has scatters, wilds, free spins and multipliers.

It's in your best interest to keep all 50 payline active in Football Fortunes Slots; this maximizes your opportunities at landing a winning combination. The betting range i inclusive in the following: $0.01 to $2.50 per line. With 50 paylines active, this ends up as a minimum wager of $0.50 or a maximum wager of $125 - with, of course, increments in-between. The regular game has payouts as high as 1000x your wager when the scatter icon is involved, and the substitute symbols delivers multipliers that can double and triple your take, and even boost it to 3000x. Always keep in mind that $375,000 jackpot that this additionally progressive video slot may unleash into your bank account.

Football Fortune Slots Layout and Features

We made a promise earlier that this pokey has a slew of awesome features; we aim to prove that earlier claim true. First of all, you can choose to play Football Fortunes Slots in the "Fortune Mode"; here, it's possible to garner up to eight free spins if the previous spin hit upon the right combination of symbols. Alternatively, you can play in the Rhino Mode, which requires either three, four, or five scatter symbols in order to activate the 100x free spins prize.Finally, the last of the major slot features does not actually have a name all to itself; it is attendant with a particular manifestation of the Rhino Mascot Mode. If you look into this one, then you get a 3x multiple of whatever you win, and the scatter symbols appear as the rhino Mascot and pay up to 500x whatever you wagered. Because this is the game of soccer - or, football - there are penalty kick bonuses involved, which can activate the free spins. If you get the soccer ball the show up on any one of the five reels, then it's possible to garner up to 100x based on your success in the penalty kick phase.

The wild symbol is a stacked wild in Football Fortune Slots, and it will show up only on the first and the fifth reels to cover up to four different positions in the game columns. Keep on playing to find out more about the mascots, referee, trophies, gloves and boots symbols, stars, balls club symbols, players symbols and even seasonal cards symbols. There are a lot of rewards in this game, and we will see what the symbol combination payouts are capable of delivering to the real money player shortly.

Football Fortunes Symbol Combos and Payout Values

The first primary symbol is the white, purple and gold soccerball. As a stacked wild, this international symbol of unity can substitute for any other non-scatter symbol in the game. When it makes a substitution, the prize that you would have otherwise received is doubled in value the second special bonus symbol is the scattered rhino mascot; the following values are multiplied by the total bet. For four of a kind of the rhino mascot symbol you win 500x; for four of a kind of the scattered rhino mascot symbol you win 10x your wager, and for three of a kind of the rhino mascot scatter symbol you get 2x your wager.

This slot is by no means replete with symbols - in fact, there are only three. The first symbol is a Nordic-looking soccer player with wild brown hair; for five of a kind of this one on the reels, you win a payout of 500 coins. If instead you land for of a kind of the Nordic soccer player symbol you win 300 coins, for three of a kind the prizes 75 coins, and for two of him you win five coins. If the gold, purple, and white soccerball stacked wild symbol appears to replace one of these, then your prizes become 1000 coins for five of a kind, 600 coins for four of a kind, 150 coins for three of a kind, and 10 coins for two of a kind. The next symbol is the team logo in purple and gold; for five of a kind you win 500 coins with this one, if you happen to get four of a kind of the team logo sign lined up on the reels you win 200 coins, and for three team logo signals you win 50 coins. If the soccerball stacked wild appears as well, one of the team logo signals is banished but your payouts are doubled in value to 1000 coins for five of a kind, 400 coins for four of a kind, and 100 coins for three of a kind. The last symbol in Football Fortunes Slots is a picture of a referee in the player on the pitch. For five of a kind of this one you win 300 coins, for four of a kind you win 100 coins, and for three of a kind your prizes 30 coins. The wild football performs its magic on this when it shows up: 600 coins for five of a kind, 200 coins for four of a kind, and 60 coins for three of a kind.

Football Fortunes Slots Bonus Features

This game has a couple of bonus features, in the first one includes the stacked wild symbol. This is called, specifically, the Bonus Ball and it shows up either as the wild symbol, or during the free games rounds. If the Bonus Also shows up on every single reel, then the Penalty Kick Feature is activated. The more penalty goes you can strike two, then the higher your prize multiplier for results in games. The lowest you can win is 3x, and the highest you can win is 100x. Within the same game, there's the Gold Bonus Ball; it's a facsimile of a win-win feature. If you have missed the penalty kick twice, or manage to get eight goes in a row, then the Gold Bonus Ball appears to potentially triple your prize if you finally make the goal with another kick. This can be re-triggered a single time. Well this review has just about run out of steam - head to your favorite online casino and download Football Fortunes Slots to see if all of this rings true.