Rudolph Awakens Slots

Known all the world wide for his exceptionally happy disposition, the red nosed reindeer makes an appearance - his second time around, in fact - on this magnificent, Christmas-themed video pokey. Rudolph Awakens Slots is one of a kind; even though it's actually two and three of a kind because of the multiple incarnations of this very successful slot out there. RTG has made a series of it, in order to capture as many real money gamers as possible. The game is available for fun money gamers, too, in the Flash mode. The latter will only run on Firefox, Chrome and Safari browsers.

Rudolph Awakens Slots is an RTG favorite, and with 5 reels and 20 paylines, it has a lot of different ways that you can win something whether you play in the browser-enabled Flash mode, or you download the casino software to activate the potential to win cash and prizes. As a generous aide, the game has wild symbols, scatter symbols, free spins and more attributes to help you try and snag that random jackpot or symbol combination payouts (the latter to be discussed at the end of this review).

As a little something to whet your appetite for Rudolph Awakens Slots gaming, we have the wild dice and scattered roulette table card dominating the reels of the lucky player. They have their separate and different gifts, and are enhanced by all the crazy symbols with which you will shortly become familiar. Some of these symbols to come are the King of Rock and Roll (allegedly) in Elvis Presley, as well as a dancing pink flamingo woman and performing man in black tophat.

As for the mid-tier symbols, these begin with wads of dollar (hopefully it's the petro dollar; since otherwise, America's currency has no real value) and the ever-valuable gold coins, and then slides on down the money scale to the poker card Jack smiling at you while brandishing his big thumb. As a hint of things to come, you've also got the poker jackets appearing at the low end of the money scale. Rudolph Awakens Slots allows bets ranging from 0.01 credits to the maximum of 100 credits for an entire game of real money play. As is the custom, all the symbols except for the scatter pay in the left to Western Hemisphere reading direction; whereas the scatter symbol pays both ways when it appears.

Rudolph Awakens Bonus Symbols

There are many zany symbols on the reels of Rudolph Awakens Slots - all of which are reminiscent of the general character of Santa's Playground (also known as The North Pole) in Antarctica. You'll find pair of red and white dice symbols, as well as an Elvis Presley impersonator symbol and a dancing Flamingo lady icon. A snapshot of a roulette table also makes an appearance as a symbol, as does a stack of money and casino chip. You might be surprised to find the King and the Ace symbol together on a single card here - but it is Vegas, after all, and crazier things have happened.

As for the bonus symbols, the first one is the wild, which is represented by the Rudolph Awakens game sign. It has the special property that it can substitute for any other symbol in the game except for the Bonus and the Free Spins icons. Why not the scatter, you ask? Because in Rudolph Awakens Slots, the wild symbol also doubles as the scatter symbol, and three of a kind on the reels leads to a payout no matter where these three occur - they can show up in the left to right direction, or in the right to left direction it matters not not. The Free Spins icon is a new one to most gamers, and it has the properties that you would expect it to have because of the name: three of a kind activates the Free Spins Feature. The Free Spins symbol only drops down on the 2nd reel, the 3rd reel and the 4th reel.

The final special symbol in Rudolph Awakens Slots is the so-called Big Bonus symbol; it appears on the 1st reel and on the 5th reel only. Once this happens, you are whisked away to the Rudolph Awakens Big Bonus Game via a brand new second screen. This screen will display a concentric series of rings, all of which possess several game attributes - multipliers, Big Bonus buttons and more. Once you begin playing this subgame by depressing the button, there will be an interplay of lighted numerals which, once the concentric circles stop spinning, will multiply together any numbers that remain; whereupon the resulting prize amount will be awarded to the real money player.

Crazy Bonus Normal Symbol Payouts

The Rudolph Awakens Bonus Slots symbols pay out in a rather unconventional manner; instead of steady coinage, they actually pay out multiples of your wager - which has the potential to lead to some seriously big wins. As concerns the red and white dice symbol, for the full five of a kind on the reels that are possible, you win a 45x payout. For four of a kind of the red and white dice icons you get 15x as a payout, and for three of a kind your reward is 5x on the paylines - with x being your starting wager in the real money game, or your fun money tally in the Instant Play Flash version. Along with the roulette table symbol, the red and white dice are the lowest paying symbols in the game so we'll work up from low to high instead of the other way around. The roulette table symbol, for five on the reels, gets you 45x on the paylines; for four roulette table symbols you get 15x and for three of a kind the prize is 5x.

Now we have the higher paying symbols - which are considered mid-level in Rudolph Awakens Slots, since there are so many more to come. These are the Jack from poker symbol and the dancing man with black tophat symbols. For five of a kind of either of these the payout is 90x; for four of a kind of either the dancing man with a tophat or the Jack with poker cards symbols you receive 30x and for three of a kind your reward is 10x. The pink flamingo girl symbol and the Elvis Presley symbols are next, such that five of a kind are worth 150x payouts; four of a kind are worth 50x payouts and three of a kind get you 15x payouts on the reels.

The final symbols in Rudolph Awakens Slots are the most valuable, and they are represented by the wad of dollar bills and gold coins symbol, as well as the Rudolph Awakens game icon sign. For five of a kind you win 300x for either one of these; for four of a kind your prize is 100x and for three of a kind you get 30x. Download this trip to Sin City in the virtual realm today if you want to play a heart-pounding real money pokey from Real Time Gaming.