Heavenly Treasures Slots

Out of all the civilizations and cultures on the planet, you of them match up to or exceed those from the Ancient Orient. Chinese lore, legend and mythology is often a rich tapestry of the human condition; elevated to the heights of the clouds and above. This latest Real Time Gaming pokey named Heavenly Treasures Slots is breathtakingly visual, and has scenery from the Chinese countryside that can put anything on Google Images to shame. Indeed, the symbols on the reels are intimately representative of Chinese culture - with a smidge of Western influence in terms of the interpretation. Do not be discouraged if you do not understand what the Chinese characters mean, for what matters are the symbol combinations in the artistic comportment of the icons. With 3 reels and 3125 pay lines (now that's amazing!), This slot was tailor-made for real money players who download the casino software - but that is optional.

Wagering in Heavenly Treasures Slots

Although this massive game has 3125 pay lines, it still forms the traditional 5 X 5 reels arrangement with which video slots players are so familiar. With all of the possible winning combinations that are in play here, it should not be surprised that the top prize (in terms of symbol combination payouts, anyway) of 2500x your wager can lead to a payout of $250,000. This is definitely a life-changing amount, and exists at the highest end of the betting range of $0.20 to $100. This, despite the fact that Heavenly Treasures Slots doesn't even have a progressive jackpot. The game does, however, have multipliers and free spins opportunities - as well as a Bonus Feature that involves a simple bout of picking behind of the right magic door to unlock the prize that it contains.

The maximum coin value per line is five dollars, which means that all manner of people are eligible to play for real money if they so desire. The aforementioned top jackpot is only available if you play the maximum wager; additionally, you also need the multipliers to factor into the game in order to reach this quarter-million dollar payout. Keep in mind, that just because you don't win the top prize doesn't mean you failed to walk away with a hefty amount: the in-between jackpots in this game are still delightful.

What Are Some of the Video Slots Features in This Asian-Themed Pokey?

Let's get right into answering the above: the chief way to win in a non-progressive slot is to form winning combinations with the matching symbols that show up on the reels. In so far as the regular symbols are concerned, the only way to financially take advantage of these matching symbols as if they show up in the left-to-right reading direction when they appear. The games scatter symbol, however, can show up in both the left to right and right to left directions and still payout a multiple of your bet.

Will see what the substitute symbol and the scatter symbol and tell later on in this review. By way of introduction, the so-called cat magic Lantern functions as the scatter symbol in this game, and it shows up in concert with a magic meter off to the right of the game board that fills up with the potential to deliver some serious wins. In this 5 reel slot, you can win up to five scatter symbols landing simultaneously to deliver apprise of 2500x your starting wager. You can also win 15 free spins or even 25 spins depending on the number of Magic Lantern Scatter symbols show up during a single spin. You will find that the special meter off to the right of the screen fills up in increments of 15, 25, or even the maximum 300 magic lanterns to activate the so-called Heaven Gems bonus feature game. No matter which choice you may care, you get paid - with the important difference being that certain choices obviously pay a lot more than others.

In a final salvo of the casino's generosity, you can even exceed the previous maximum of 300 magic lanterns and get up to 600 magic lanterns to trigger yet another special feature - the so-called Lantern Multiplier Free Spins Around. Here, you can expect to win a minimum of 10 free spins depending on the number of scatter symbols that show up. Additionally, you can corral 5x multipliers to really whet your appetite for more real money play.

Symbols and Symbol Combination Payouts in Heavenly Treasures Slots

You will find some really awesome symbol representatives indicative of Chinese culture and legend here: these include golden dragon icons, silver dragons, Jade dragons, red dragons, gold coins, silver coins, brass and bronze coins, red envelopes of Fate and even pots of gold. As for the major symbols in the game, there is a powerful Golden Dragon symbol that pays out the most money. For five of a kind of the golden dragon symbol in Heavenly Treasures Slots, you win a 200 coin payout; if four of a kind of the golden dragon appear then you win 100 coins as a payout; and for three of a kind of the golden dragon icon you win 50 coins. The second high paying symbol in the game is a silver-green dragon icons; if five of a kind of the silver-green dragon symbol appear, you win 100 coins in the real money version of the game. If four of a kind of the silver-green dragon symbol shows up then you win 50 coins, and for three of a kind you win 30 coins.

There are only two remaining paying symbols in this 3125 pay line All Ways Pays video slot. The first one looks like a red-multi--headed dragon after the fashion of the Hydra from Greek mythology; for five of a kind of this one you win 50 coins; for four of the red dragons symbol you win 25 coins, and for three of a kind the red Dragon symbols on the belt a 10 coin payout. The final paying symbol in the game is a verdant green dragon with illuminating blue highlights; for five of a kind of this one the prizes 50 coins, for four verdant green dragon symbols you win 25 coins, and for three of a kind your prize is 10 coins.

In the hidden feature of the game, there are actually for more low-paying symbols on the pay lines. The first one looks to be some kind of open contraction symbol; for five of a kind, this Asian-styled contraction is worth 10 coins on the pay lines; for four of a kind of this symbol you win five coins, and for three of a kind your prizes two coins. Coming up right behind this is a set of three red and gold card symbols; five of a kind is worth 10 coins, for of a kind of these red and gold card symbols get you five coins, and three of a kind is worth two coins on the pay lines. After this, we have some bronze coins with Chinese characters on them; this single symbol that contains three bronze coins is worth five coins on the pay line if five of a kind appear; four of a kind of the bronze coinage get you two coins, and three of a kind of this symbol is worth a single coin. The final symbol in Heavenly Treasures Slots is an engraved gold coin icon; five of a kind is worth five coins, four of a kind get you two coins, and three of a kind is worth one coin. Play at your earliest convenience and see if you get lucky - or simply play the Flash version for fun.