Storm Lords Slots

As a relatively new release from the fantastic outfit known as Real Time Gaming, Storm Lords Slots exudes the finest qualities of the fantasy genre and is a well packaged, visually-stunning videogame that mesmerizes you as much as it does astound you with the awesome gameplay. One look at it and you can see that the art style has shocking similarities to the arcade Hall of Fame fighting games known as Tekken and Street Fighter. The grizzled old Chinese warriors are experts in martial arts, and they dance about the reels after the fashion of international movie stars Jackie Chan and Jet Li - except with the added dimension of the magical powers of the gods.

Sporting 5 reels and an incredibly variable 50 pay lines, you can expect a whole host of different possible ways of landing a winning combination. Of course, there are also many ways to lose, too! But who wants to look at it like that? The point is, Storm Lords Slots is a big one and such slots offer a multitude of winning combinations. We will touch on the following Atlanta later: the many feature games include a Treasure Coin Feature option, a Scatter Goal Coins option, and several others that potentially deliver free spins, stacked wild symbols and re-triggers. As is usual for such games, you can only collect the win if the right symbols appear in the left to right direction. The scatter symbol is represented by an Amulet, and it pays out no matter in which direction it proceeds. There's a second scatter symbol, and it is represented by something called Treasure Coins; it also pays any which way.

Detailing the Wild and the Scatter Symbols

The wild symbols are taken up by representations of the Storm Lords, and they show up on the second and the fourth reels. When they do so, they replace any of the other symbols - not including the scatter symbols (which, as you recall, are the Amulets and the Treasure Coins). Since they are stacked wild's, there are a lot more substitutions possible than with the normal wild symbols in other 5 reel video slots. You will be delighted by the electrical animations that proceed from the heavens when the Storm Lords wild symbols encompass the entirety of the reels. You can win an impressive six free games if the Storm Lords Wild symbols appear on the second and fourth reels. You can also win another six free games if the Treasure Coins appear on the fifth real and hold steady and all the possible positions to other side.

As for the scatter symbols, these are good for multiplying your wagers - depending on how many scatters you land simultaneously. If you manage to get at least three scattered Amulet symbols, then Storm Lords Slots opens up one of the games double feature options. As you play the game, it will become clear to you which one benefits you at which particular time - either the Treasure Spins Feature, or the Wild Reels Feature. The possibility of winning extra games is always on the horizon with the Treasure Coin Feature, for example. The possibility of winning free spins is always on the horizon with the other feature.

The Storm Lords Paytable for Real Cash Gamers

If you know even a little bit about Chinese lore and legend, then you can probably recognize some of the features of the gods in this game - they are very distinctive if you've played any of the other Oriental slots from Real Time Gaming. The most powerful gods in the game are actually the young men, one with silver hair and the other with brown hair; these two gods look like forces to be reckoned with. They come as a pair, and five of a kind is worth 800 coins on the pay lines. For all we know, they might be thunder gods in a duality kind of existence; if four of them shows up on the reels you win 80 coins, if three of the twin thunder gods appear on the reels you win 20 coins, and for two of a kind you get to coins. The second and final high paying symbol is an older God that reminds us of the God of Wealth in Cai Hong Slots - also from Real Time Gaming. If five of this look-alike God shows up on the reels, you win 500 coins; if four of a kind appears you win 80 coins, for three of the God of Wealth look-alike symbol you win 20 coins, and for two of a kind you win two coins.

The final two character symbols are of a mid-level payouts schema. The first one is a rather pretty purple-clad young goddess; five of a kind of this Chinese beauty symbol is worth 200 coins, four of a kind get you 50 coins, and three of a kind of the purple-clad Chinese goddess symbol is worth 10 coins. Lastly, is a rather serene -looking mail God clad in bright yellow - perhaps he's a son God of sorts, whose Genesis is lost in the annals of Chinese lore. But for this particular slot, five of a kind of the son God symbol is worth 200 coins, four of a kind get you 50 coins, and three of him are worth a 10 coin payout.

It should not come as a surprise that the lowest paying symbols in the game are represented by poker card symbols. The first one is the Ace symbol, and five of a kind is worth 100 coins; for Ace symbols is worth 20 coins, and three of a kind of the Ace symbol from poker is worth 10 coins. Secondly, the King symbol has identical values to the Ace symbol: five Kings equals a 100 coin payout, for King symbols equals a 20 coin payout, and three King symbols is worth 10 coins. In her proper place is the Queen symbol; five of a kind is worth 80 coins, four of a kind of the Queen symbol is worth 10 coins, and three of a kind gets you five coins. Sliding into fourth-place in the dominance hierarchy of the kingdom, we have the Joker symbol. If five Joker symbol show up at the same time, then your payout is 80 coins; for Joker symbols equals a 10 coin payout, and three Joker's gets you five coins on the pay lines. The next symbol as we count down to the and is in 10; five of a kind is worth 50 coins, four of a kind is worth 10 coins, and three of a kind get you five coins. The final paying symbol is the 9 symbol, and for five of a kind you win 50 coins with this one. Four of a kind of the 9 symbol get you 10 coins, and three of a kind is worth five coins.

Do not think that you are compelled to play Storm Lords Slots for real money; all Real Time Gaming slot options are available for free play on the mobile device of your choice - as long as it hosts a supporting operating system (that would be Android or Apple iOS). If you are behind the times, and haven't yet caught up to the mobile device revolution, then you can also play this dazzling slot on your personal computer hosting the Windows operating system. Play the Flash version for free, or download the software to play for real money.