T-Rex II Slots

T-Rex II Slots

T-Rex II slots is in possession of 5 reels and 25 pay lines, and is created by none other than Real Time Gaming studios. It has many rich opportunities embedded inside the game, and these start with the bonus symbols which are known as the wild symbol in the scatter symbol. Somewhere in the game there exists a random jackpot, as well as a host of free spins to give you more opportunities to look into it. Although will see more of what the wild symbol has to offer later, you should know that five of a kind of the substitute icon delivers a 10,000 coin payout. One look at the screen, and you will know why scientists have named this the terrible lizard; during its reign in the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cretaceous-tertiary eras, the toothy predator after which this game is named wreaked havoc on the massive herbivores of the time periods. If you want to sit back and relax while you play, and did not take a very active hand in spinning the reels, there's an autoplay function as well as a "Turbo Play" function to speed things up.

Wagering in T-Rex II Video Online Slots

The free version of this game is accessible using Adobe Flash program in a Firefox, Safari, or Google Chrome browser. It can be played easily on your mobile device or your personal computer. If you want to wager to have a chance at winning some actual cash, then you have to download the casino software and create a casino account. Once you do these things, you receive a welcome bonus and be able to access the lobby for real money play. Head on over to T-Rex II Slots we you can wager in increments between $0.01 and $5.00. Depending on your betting style, you can keep all 25 pay lines active or vary them according to your whim. With this strategy, the smallest amount you can wager is $0.01 (obviously), and the most you can bet per game is a high-roller-friendly $125.00. All the payouts commence in the reading direction of left to right - except for the scattered egg symbol, which proceeds in both the left to right direction and the right to left directions.

As for the promised random jackpot, you should know that in T-Rex II Slots, it is a potentially massive progressive jackpot. Although it can be one at the conclusion of any normal game, you have to recall that it is activated randomly and has nothing to do with skill, but with chance. Of course the more pay lines that you keep active, and the more frequently you play this video slot, then obviously the greater the number of chances you have to win this life-changing sum of cash. And of course, the progressive amount is added to whatever you win with the symbol combinations that will be detailed a little bit later on in this slot review.

The other symbols in the vicious T-Rex II Slots are all terrible lizards - as you would expect. From the Triceratops, the armor-plated Stegosaurus, or the battering ram Ankylosaurus symbols (and more), you will find that they have the potential of producing some serious coinage if you lineup three or more of them up to five of a kind.

Bonus Symbols - the Tyrannosaurus Rex Wild and the Scattered Egg

Although this is the second version of the original slot, the bonus symbols remain the same. The Tyrannosaurus rex wild symbol only shows up on the first real, but when it does, it substitutes for every other non-scattered egg slot in the game. Furthermore, when the substitute symbol makes an appearance, it doubles the payout award as long as it helps complete that winning combination. If you're lucky enough to line up five of a kind of the Tyrannosaurus rex symbol, then you win the top non-progressive jackpot in the game.

The scatter symbol is the T-Rex II Egg icon. In the first incarnation of this video slot series, it paid out when they were just two of a kind on the reels. In this particular version, you need at least three of a kind in order to receive its gifts. All scattered T-Rex II Eggs are multiplied by your total wager in the game. If you land five of a kind on any of the reels, then you win 200x your wager as well as activate the feature game. If you land for of a kind of the T-Rex II Egg symbol on the reels, then you win 10x your bet as well as activate the feature game. For three of a kind of the scattered egg symbol you do not win a multiplication of your wager - but you do activate the feature game.

T-Rex II Slots Symbol Combination Pay Table

Now we get to the juicy part of the slot review; the symbol combination payout table. The first giant lizard symbol is the one that pays out the most - thepurple-colored Triceratops icon; five of a kind of the Triceratops symbol get you 2500 coins on the pay lines, four of a kind of the Triceratops symbol is worth 250 coins, three of a kind get you 50 coins, and two purple Triceratops symbols is worth a five coin payout. The next symbol is a monstrous blue lizard; five of a kind of the monstrous blue lizard is worth 1250 coins, four of a kind is worth 125 coins, three monstrous blue lizard symbols gets you 25 coins, and two of a kind is worth three coins. The green raptor is next, and five of a kind is worth 1000 coins, four green raptor symbols gets you 100 coins, three of a kind is worth 15 coins, and two green raptor symbols is worth two coins. The final character symbol in the game is a triplet of ancient Paleozoic plants - they actually look like eggplants; five of a kind is worth 300 coins, four of a kind is worth 50 coins, and three of them get you 10 coins.

The final set of symbols are the poker symbols and we start with the Ace. Five Ace symbols are worth 250 coins, for Ace symbols gets you 30 coins, and three of a kind of the Ace symbol is worth five coins. In order, we now have the King symbol; five Kings are worth 250 coins, for King symbols are worth 30 coins, and three King symbols gets you five coins on the pay lines. Running down the list we now have the Queen poker card symbol; five of a kind is worth 250 coins, four of a kind get you 30 coins, and three of a kind is worth five coins. Next is the Joker symbol; five Joker's gets you 125 coins, four of a kind of the Joker symbol is worth 25 coins, and three Joker's gets you five coins. The final two symbols in the game are the 9 in the 10; five of a kind of either of these are worth 125 coins, four of a kind get you 25 coins, and three of the 10 or the 9 symbol get you five coins.

The T-Rex II Slots Bonus Feature Option

In order to gain access to this hallowed option, you need at least three scattered T-Rex II Egg symbols to show up on the reels at any position. When this occurs, it will trigger the bonus feature and cause the reels to stay still in place, where after you will then be given the option to crack one of the T-Rex II egg shells. Then, you just might find an additional 10 free spins inside instead of a baby T-Rex II! Keep on doing this until you smash all the eggs to smithereens and see how many free spins you end up with. The beauty of this feature is that they can be re-triggered multiple times for you to garner even more free spins. There's a cool little animation, two, in which the Tyrannosaurus rex shows up and starts to eat all the other T-Rex II babies that happen to be on the reels at the time of his appearance. Overall, this is a darn good slot visually and in terms of gameplay; download today.