The Big Heist Slots

The Big Heist Slots is a criminal's (or a good guy's, for that matter) dream. In fact, it is only by downloading the casino software that you could really enjoy the full scope of what the game has to offer. Starting things off, we check out the 3 reels and 1 payline that has this classified as a Classic. Created by Real Time Gaming, you can expect a lot of goodies in both the fun money alternative and the real money alternative. We recommend playing the free version for a little while, so that your luck isn't wasted on play cash. The real money version is of course optional, and it offers the lucky gamer a shot at some big payouts if you land the right symbol combinations.

Playing The Big Heist Slots for the Jackpot

As a police and burglars game (more popularly known, perhaps, as a cops & robbers), this slot features a rough and tumble chase through the underground as law enforcement tries to bring the thieves to justice. The icons on the reels show this, too, with a sheriff's badge as one of the high-paying symbols, as well as the creme donut for which American cops, in particular, are known, coffee cup, revolver, money safes and dark visors or sunglasses. To be eligible for the jackpot, you need to bet the max 3 coins at the start of the real cash version of the game. The wagering range is from 5 cents to $5, and there are no scatters here to complicate things - but there is a game-changing bonus icon.

As for the progressive jackpot, all that's required are 3 sheriff or police badge icons lined up in a row in order to be eligible to take home the moolah. The top payout is 2000 coins, which translates to $10,000 for the max coin denomination wager. The second highest jackpot is activated (the chance of you winning, at least) when you play just two coins - it is $2,500. The third and final jackpot is the only one available for people who wager one coin at the start - 300 coin win for $1,500. We promised loads of cash, right? Well then consider this: the so-called The Big Heist Bonus round - here, you're capable of winning a gargantuan 10x your starting wager!

The Big Heist Bonus Feature

You will quickly become familiarized with the clicking aspect of this unique feature, which helps you ratchet up the total tally of cash you can win. Every single time the gamer spins the reels and lands a Safe Dial (one of the top icons), then you get a single click added to the Safe Counter. As the clicks add up, the Safe Counter rolls up the numbers until it gets a high enough value that the Safe breaks wide open. As for the actual number, you require a tally of 50 clicks before all hell breaks loose and the torrent of money is yours. If you manage to land three of a kind of the Safe Dial counter icon, then you win the promised 10x your wager.

The Big Heist Slots Payouts Per Symbol Combo

The symbol combinations are up next at-bat for Real Time Gaming's The Big Heist Slots. The Sheriff's badge is the most valuable icon in the game, and if you wager three coins at the beginning and land three of them on the reels simultaneously, then you win the gargantuan progressive jackpot prize. If you wagered two coins and get three Sheriff badge symbols then you still win a considerable 500 coins; and for the final payout, a wager of one coin get you 250 coins as a payout if you get three of a kind of the Sheriff badge icons. The second most valuable symbol in the game is a pink glazed doughnut; playing three coins and landing three pink glazed donut icons is worth 300 coins; wagering two coins and landing three pink glazed donut symbols is worth 200 coins, and playing a single coin and getting the same lineup is worth 100 coins.

We always have a middle section and these high-payout slots. For this game, this section is taken up by a cup of coffee (for which police officers are known, along with the doughnut) and a pair of handcuffs. If you play three coins and get 3 cup of coffee symbols, then you win 150 coins as a payout. If you play two coins and get three of a kind of the cup of coffee then you get 100 coins, and if you play one coin at the wagering lines and receive 3 cups of coffee symbols then you win 50 coins. As for the handcuffs, wagering three coins and getting three of a kind get you 75 coins; wagering two coins in the real money version of The Big Heist Slots and getting three handcuff symbols is worth 50 coins, and playing one coin get you 25 coins if three of a kind are lined up.

The final symbol in the game is the revolver. And it comes in triplets, doubles, and a single. The first set are the triplets; if you play three coins and get three revolver icons in a row, then you win a 30 coin reward. If you wagered two coins and get three revolver symbols you win 20 coins, and if you wager one coin and get the three revolver icons you win 10 coins. If you wager three coins and get two of a kind of the revolver symbol you win 15 coins, if you wagered two coins and get two of a kind of the revolver symbol you win 10 coins, and if you wager a single coin and get to revolver icons you win five coins. Finally, the last one is a single revolver icon. If you wager three coins this leads to a six coin payout, if you wagered two coins you double that with a for coin payout, and if you wager one coin and get a single revolver icon you win two coins. Download RTG's The Big Heist Classic Slots tonight and get your game on.