Three Stooges II Slots

You cannot name a single other trio that has had as much acclaim as the Three Stooges, which is why it is so fitting they've got an exclusive slot that bears their moniker. Larry, Moe and Curly would be either delighted or grumpy to find that their name lives on in, and has been immortalized in gambling casinos. Three Stooges II Slots is from RealTime Gaming, and has 5 reels and 3 paylines of play awaiting your patronage. To get in on all the game has to offer, you will have to download the casino software and make a qualified deposit. There are quite a few good reasons for joining the page gameplay and eschewing the fun money version: there are a couple of random jackpots, and ever-growing progressive jackpot, a triplet of free games features and the triple multiplier substitute symbol that replaces other symbols to help complete a winning pay line. In order to start, all you have to do is pick from the handful of available coin denominations - $.10, $.25, $.50, and the dollar. This leads to minimum bets of $.30 and maximum bets of three dollars with all lines active the lucky number 13 features in this game, and is characterized by the symbols on the reels. These include an entrance to Hollywood symbol, a blue old-fashioned automobile, a movie cut real, triple 7 symbols that are colored gold, blue, and red additionally, there is a triple gem symbol with a blue diamond, a green colored diamond, and a red colored diamond symbol contained therein. You'll also find cherry symbols, the Three Stooges themselves altogether, and separate.

The Three Stooges II Slots Jackpot Values

Now we get to the part you really want to read about: the jackpots. Remember, we mentioned that there is a progressive jackpot in addition to a couple of random jackpots. The first random jackpot is known as the Minor Jackpot, and the value begins at $50. The second random jackpot is known as the Major Jackpot, and it starts out at double the previous amount at $100. The progressive jackpot jumps of a good deal to begin at $1000; on the in game pay table, you will find it named the Three Stooges Jackpot. As for the rules that govern reviews jackpots, both the Minor and the Major ones can be activated at the end of any game through random chance of the reels. The progressive jackpot, on the other hand, is activated when you play the maximum coin denomination and all the pay lines, and three substitute symbols show up some things. The award amount can skyrocket into the six figures, just to keep your interest.

Special Symbols in Three Stooges II

One of the two most important symbols in the game is the Three Stooges II substitute icon, which is represented by a picture of all three funnymen together - Larry, Moe, and Curly. This wild can replace any other non-scatter symbol in the game to help complete a pay line for the when. All wins experience a beneficial 3x times multiplier when the wild is on the board; when two wilds are on the board, this is ratcheted up to a 9x multiplier. The scatter symbol in the game is represented by the game emblem icon. If you manage to get three of them on a pay line, it will activate the so-called Motors Moolah Feature. If you get the game emblem featuring Larry prominently, this scatter symbol activate Larry's Stash Feature, and the final feature game is Curly's Cashola Feature, which is triggered by the appearance of the Curly scatter symbol. You will find out more about the embedded prize latter when you download the casino software and make a deposit to play.

The Three Stooges II Slots Symbol Combinations and Payline Cash Winnings

The first icon in Three Stooges II Slots is the train medallion; if you get three of them on the reels, then you take home a payout of 50 coins. If you get three train medallion symbols as well as a wild icon, your payout jumps to 150 coins; if you get three of a kind as well as two substitute symbols, you win the top award of 450 coins. The second highest-paying icon in the game is the old fashioned blue car; getting three of these on the lines leads to a 30 coin reward; getting two old cars is worth a 90 coin payout as long as a wild substitutes for one of them, and getting an old car icon with two wilds leads to a handsome 270 coins. The movie cut reel is the last high paying icon, and three of a kind leads to a 20 coin reward. Two movie cut reels and a substitute symbol is worth 60 coins and a single movie cut reel symbol along with two wilds gets you 180 coins. The second batch of symbols begins with a cherry along with rose; for three of a kind, these are worth 10 coins. For two of them and a wild, you win 30 coins and for one cherry or rose symbol and two wilds you win 90 coins. The triple gold bar is a famous option in most Classic slots, and it makes an appearance here in Three Stooges II. For three of them, you get 7 coins; for two triple gold bars and a wild you get 21 coins, and for one triple gold bar symbol and two substitute symbols you win63 coins. The final symbol is represented by the triple multi-colored 7s and a pile of lemons. For three of either, you win 5 coins; for two of either and a wild icon, you win 15 coins, and for a single symbol coupled with two wild icons, the prize is 45 coins. The Three Stooges II Slots is an RTG ode to early Hollywood, and you can be playing shortly after download.