Frozen Assets Slots

The winter holiday is here again (or just a few months away, no matter what time of year you read this), and RTG (Real Time Gaming) has a few of their best winter slots on tap for their loyal following of casino vets. Newcomers are welcome, of course, and Frozen Assets gives you a frigid introduction to the caliber of pokeys that are available.

This 3 reel, single payline Classic is the definition of "cool"; it provides you with the equivalent of a virtual trip to the Antarctic or Arctic Circle, without you having to leave the comfort of your abode. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the denizens of the coldest regions on the planet, without having to brave the elements yourself. Frozen Assets Slots is quite a lot of fun packaged into a small Classic chassis, and the animals are anthropomorphic enough to become endearing to the average player. Although this game has charms galore, it also has the more practical attributes for which gamers game. There are several jackpots that you can win, and some of them are considerably high when compared to other three reel pokies in their category. Just download the casino software to get started after you take an accounting of this review.

Frozen Assets Slots Gaming and Jackpots

By way of introduction, you can expect a gaming experience that go this back to what the original Classic gamblers used experience in the heyday of online casino gaming. Frozen Assets Slots gets straight to the point; although the theme is adequate, the real strength of this game is in the straightforwardness of the symbol combination payouts and ease of reckoning. As for the coin options that are available, you can wager selections starting at five cents, $.25, $.50, one dollar and five dollars - with the maximum payout of 250 coins being available only with the maximum wager activated.

Frozen Assets Slots is nonetheless a progressive game, which means that the maximum jackpot grows in size until a lucky winner activates and releases it. Afterwards, it goes back down to either zero or the base amount. Every single player that download the casino software and place Frozen Assets Slots contributes money to the pot. In these kind of jackpots, it is possible for the monetary value to go up to the millions; but make sure that if you want access to this, you wager the maximum.

Symbol Combos - Payouts in Frozen Assets Slots

The most important symbol In Frozen Assets slots is the blue 7; if you play three coins at the beginning of the game and land three blue 7 symbols then you win the games progressive jackpot for all the marbles. If you play two coins at the start and get three blue 7 symbols lined up you win 150 credits, and if you play just one coin and get the same symbols appearing on the screen at the same time, you win 75 coins. Next up we have the snowman symbols, and if you play three coins for the maximum and get three of a kind of the snowman icon you win 100 coins; if you wagered two coins at the start and get three snowman icons you win 50 coins, and if you play one coin and get three snowman's you win 25 coins.

The second level symbols include top hats with different colored ribbons around the middle. The first one is a black top hat with a blue ribbon; if you play three coins and get three blue ribbon top hats lined up you win 75 coins; if you play two coins and get the same thing you win 50 coins, and playing one coin and still getting three of a kind of the blue ribbon black top hat icon on the reels simultaneously gets you 25 coins. The second to last symbol in this group is a black top hat with a red ribbon around the middle: three of a kind of this one with the maximum three coins wager is worth a 25 coin payout; three of a kind with two coins played is worth 15 coins, and three black top hat with a red ribbon around the middle for one coin play is worth seven coins.

The final paying symbol in the game is any three of the top hats - including a black top hat with a white ribbon around the center. If you play three coins and get any three of these you win 15 coins, if you play two coins and get any three of them you win 10 coins, and if you play a single coin and get any three lined up you win five coins. The penguin is the wild symbol, and it is capable of swapping out any symbol except for the scattered sun or snowflake symbols.