Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Real Time Gaming has hit yet another one out of the ballpark with their Pharaoh's Goal Slots. As is usually the case with these type of games, you risk however little or how much you want (in the real money version, anyway) in order to revel in your take-home cash if you win. The goal is to get the right icons matched up, such that the commensurate payout is awarded to your bank account. The maximum number of pay lines in this game is three, and the limited number of pay lines has it classified as a Classic Slot. Pharaoh's Goal Slots has an uncharacteristically high payout for such a small and contained game.

Playing Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Once you download the casino software, the next order of business is to fund your newly created casino account with this much as you want in credits. There's a button associated with all of this on the bottom of the screen, and you can add money in increments of five dollars, $25, or even up to $100 unless you want to do it by singles. The maximum amount of coinage that you can wager on the pay line at a single go is three coins; the minimum is a single coin. When she ready you can set the wheel in motion with the associated button.

As for exactly how much you stand to win in this game, the games embedded pay table reveals all. As is always the case with Classic Slots - and even 5 Reel Video Slots - winning combinations are your lifeblood. You can always keep track of the amount of credits that you have remaining in a window entitled the same. Pharaoh's Goal Slots is a magnificent progressive jackpot that pays out handsomely.

A Short Run-Down of What to Expect

Once you download and play, this three reel, three pay line game will display several icons from ancient Egypt. Some of these include the scattered beetle, the enigmatic eye of Horus, a statuesque sarcophagus, a cobra and an ankh. Matching these up in various order is what get you paid out. As for the coin denominations, you can wager five cents, $.25, $.50, one dollar and five dollars at the start of the real money version of the game. Do not be surprised if you get movie vibes while gaming here, since Pharaoh's Goal Slots was modeled on the Hollywood hit movie The Mummy.

As for the special symbols, we begin with the substitute icon which is represented by the eye of Horus. Also known as the wild symbol, it can replace any other symbol in the game to help you complete a winning pay line. Because of the small size of this game, there's no scatter symbol.

Symbol Combination Payouts in Pharaoh's Gold Slots

Let us check out how much the symbol combinations pay so that you can see if it's worthwhile to put up a few coins on the betting lines. The first symbol is a sarcophagus mask from ancient Egypt; this bust of a Pharaoh, for three of a kind appearing online three produces a progressive jackpot for the winner that's a solid 100 coins; how much money you actually win depends on the coin denomination you chose at the start of the game. If you play either line one or the nine to and get three sarcophagus mask icons lined up, you win 50 coins. This is obviously the top symbol in the game.

In the second tier, you have a red scattered beetle can Pharaoh's Goal Slots; if you play 93 - which means three coins at the wagering lines at the start of the game, and you get three red scattered beetle icons lined up, you win 25 coins. The exact same payout corresponds to playing line 1 and line 2, for, respectively, one coin and two coins. After this is a cobra snake symbol; whether you play line 3, line 2 or line 1 you win five coins as a payout. That's for three of a kind of the cobra snake icon; if instead you get two of a kind of the symbol then you win two coins no matter how much you wagered at the start of the game. Pharaoh's Gold Slots is definitely one to give a spin when you visit your favorite online casino.