Triple 7 Inferno Slots

When you're ready to play for real, there is a plenitude of awesome slots available - starting with none other than the aptly-named Triple 7 Inferno Slots. The first thing you notice are the brilliant graphics that display a veritable firestorm, and then the stylish game board that is awash with color. This is, of course, fitting for a slot that brings the fire. Because this is a Classic Slot, you can expect the run-of-the-mill 3 reel, 1 pay line pokey; however, here is where the traditional nature of the slot ends. The betting choices account for a range of pocket sizes, which means that you can wager a minimum of five cents and a maximum of five dollars. This is in keeping with a respectable 1000 coin maximum jackpot, which requires the top wager in order to be eligible to win it.

Is Triple 7 Inferno Slots a Progressive Game

Despite being a slot of the smallest variety, it is absolutely true that Triple 7 Inferno Slots has a progressive jackpot. The top award is 1000 coins; the actual monetary value is completely dependent upon the coin size you choose. This means that the lowest level, the maximum you can win is $50 if you wager five cents per pay line (keeping in mind that there's only one pay line). At the highest end, you stand to win up to $5000 if you wagered the maximum five dollars per pay line. As stated earlier in this review, you do need to play the maximum wager in order to have access to the progressive jackpot. Nonetheless, even placing a maximum bet is vastly less expensive than other Classic Slots and Progressive 5 Reel Video Slots because of the single pay line. Think of it this way: it costs you about a cup of Starbucks coffee in order to have access to the top award.

Winning Combinations Information

since this is a Classic Slots with just a few spate of variations of symbols on the game board, you can expect just a you possible winning combinations. The good thing is that this cleans up the options a little bit and makes them manageable to keep track of. Every single symbol on the reels has a sort of fire option attached to it. You will notice that the fire-themed payouts consist of Psalms like 400 coins, 200 coins, 100 coins and lower when you get the lower-paying symbols lined up in a row.

Even the lowest paying symbols, which consist of blank slates, still payout - in fact, you simply get back your original wager so no harm, no foul. Later on in this review, and the symbol combination payouts section, you will see how exactly the rest of the symbols payout when you land them on the reels.

Symbol Combinations and Prescribed Payouts

In the final section, you learn why it is profitable (potentially, as this is a game of chance) to play Triple 7 Inferno Slots for real cash by making a deposit after you download the software. Playing the maximum 3 coins and getting three of a kind of the Fireball icons on the reels results in the top progressive payout of 1000 coins. If instead you wager 2 coins and get three Fireball symbols, your reward is 500 coins; you do not win anything in this top tier if you play a single coin. For the second row of high paying symbols we have the triple red 7 numerals; for three coins wagered, this leads to a 300 coin payout. For two coins wagered, this line-up of three 7s gets you 150 coins, and there's no payout for a single coin bet.

The final top-paying symbol is any of the three numeral 7's, mixed up. If you bet 3 coins and get three of these, you win 200 coins; if you wager two coins and get three mixed 7s, you win 100 coins - there's nothing, again, for a single coin wager.

The middle-level symbols DO pay out for a single coin bet; let's start with triple blanks. Wager 3 coins and get three line-ups of triple blanks and receive a 60 coin win. Play two coins and receive the same icons and get 60 coins; the same for wagering one coin. The next icon line-up consists of three double blanks; whether you play 3 coins, 2 coins or 1 coin you win 40 coins here. The third set of icons is the single blank; play 3 coins, 2 coins or 1 coin and get a 40 coin reward for all any of them. Nearing the end, there's an any mixed bar combo which, for 3,2,1 coin played, gives the lucky winner a 10 coin reward. The final paying symbol in the game is the "3 Blanks" which, for any number of coins played, returns a winning prize os 2 coins. Download Real Time Gaming's Triple 7 Inferno Slots today.